The Love Infinitely Project is on a mission to change the world by encouraging people to use their natural talents to give back.

To transform the world through giving and being love.

We aim to help create more effective activists by inspiring, empowering, educating and providing them with the tools to make an impact on the world.

The non-profit helps fund volunteerism all over the globe.

Whatever your passions are and wherever you want to help, we want to get you there!

glccEveryone has a desire to help make the world a better place but it can be intimidating to figure out where to start.

That’s why we are here and there are many ways to get involved!

If you want to learn how to create more of an impact and change in your community, click here to Join The Movement!

We also have our Global Love Leaders.  The Love Infinitely Task Force that are passionate about their causes, are actively working in their communities to create change, owning their own local campaigns and helping us on our global campaigns as well.

Then there are the Global Volunteer ProjectsMore information coming soon!

Or you can share your stories here with us! Join our Bloggers Team!

We have a number of projects & campaigns going on right now!

Our current projects are:

~Winter Challenge!:  For Winter 2013 we are partnering with Crowdrise and the Huffington Post in a challenge to fundraise as a team.  The winning non-profit will get $100,000. Click on this link donate or get on the team!

~Love Infinitely Photo Project: We want to see our logo all over the world!  Take a creative picture of our logo and submit it.  We are creating a gallery to display here on our website as well as events.

~Girls Who Are Changing The World:  This is a blog feature where we showcase an inspiring girl, either that we know or just admire, who is doing something amazing to change the world!  Do you know an amazing girl?  Nominate her!

~Arts As Activism: This program is to help artists raise awareness for their favorite causes using their natural talents.  We will also be traveling to different locations around the globe with artists to set up camps for kids who normally wouldn’t get the opportunity.


ERTThe Love Infinitely Project’s ERT is a group of individuals ready to go at the drop of hat in case of disaster.

Hurricanes, oil spills, earthquakes, floods, etc.,  We will be there to clean up and help where needed.

Donations or help of any kind are needed to get our team the resources to do their job.

Donate today!


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