1 more day: Animal Aid Unlimited


4 incredible rescues in 2 hours!

My last volunteer spot is in Udaipur, Rajasthan India with Animal Aid Unlimited.  I had the opportunity to spend a day volunteering at this beautiful place last year on my trip to India.  I fell in love with everyone there, human and animal.  There were 2 animals in particular that captured my heart.  A pup named Jaipur (named after the city she was rescued in) who is paralyzed from the hips down.  She was the sweetest thing.  I spent a great deal of time petting her, talking to her and letting her sleep in my lap.  The other was a little calf whose mother had died a few days after she was born.  I spent the second half of my day with her.  Brushing her.  We each grew pretty fond of each other and she would cry if I stopped brushing her or walked away from her.  It was hard to leave Animal Aid and I told myself that I need to go back and volunteer and bring others with me as often as I can.  The idea for Love Infinitely Project was being born…

This time, in addition to spending time with the animals and (hopefully) going along with some rescues, I will be helping to develop a new volunteer program.  They want to start some programs with local children and though Animal Aid already does outreach in schools, would like to have a more interactive experience.  We’ve been talking about getting school children to the sanctuary to meet with the animals and have a fun and educational experience.  In India the children aren’t taught to love dogs the way they do here and are often neglected and sometimes beaten.  Teaching them to have respect for the street dogs could really change the quality of life for everyone in generations to come.

We’ve also discussed another new program working with the pediatric department of the local hospital.  To create a fun, educational and therapeutic experience that takes a child away from the hospital atmosphere and the focus off of their illness.  We are still working out the details of what this program will entail.  The basic gist is that we will have a fun outing with the child, spending time outside of the hospital and even caring for the paralyzed dogs of Animal Aid.  Being a caretaker for these animals will be a therapeutic experience for the children.  Hopefully we will be able to figure out how to effectively run this new program so it can be replicated with other volunteers after I leave.  I can’t even begin to express how excited I am to be a part of the development of this project!

I hope we can make both of these new programs work!

Thank you all our wonderful supporters who have donated and continue to spread the word.  This would not be happening without all of you!

15 hours until departure…

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