Whenever the clock turns to 11:11 I make a wish – today, 11/11/11, is the ultimate wish making day. But, instead of making the ultimate wish, I decided at 11:11 on 11/11/11 I would declare ultimate gratitude for all I have and all that I am cultivating for my life. I feel at peace with myself and the world around me.

Brenda joined Halley in Thailand today for the most magical 11/11/11, to celebrate Loy Krathong – The Festival of Light. This is a cleansing tradition, it allows people to let go of troubles and worries so they can start anew. People create lanterns, or Krathongs, and in Chiang Mai they release them on the Ping River. I know Brenda and Halley will have many stories of this event when they return, and I cannot wait to hear them!

Let us all take some time today, wherever we may be, to release our worries and declare gratitude for all we have and all we are creating.

Much love and gratitude for you all!



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