2 More Days: The Viengping Children’s Home


After my adventure with the Elephant Nature Park, I get to spend some time volunteering at the Viengping Children’s Home.  It will be nice to spend my days laughing with children. The home cares for more than 600 children who have been abandoned or abused, or whose families cannot support them.  Their mission is “to protect and care for abandoned and orphaned children, defending their rights, guarding their health, and teaching them to be generous, healthy, and successful.”  Their children range in age from newborns to 22 years old.  They seek to give the highest quality of care and provide a secure and loving home.

The children take part in a wide variety of activities intended to enrich their lives, their growth and their character.  They also attend local schools:

“All school aged children are enrolled in schools in the community. We augment their studies with tutor and study sessions and, for those who are far behind, supplementary Saturday and summer classes.”

Not only that but they also take part in community projects that “instill in them a value for showing the same generosity to others that their community has shown to them.”  The Viengping Children’s Home does their best to find the children foster parents and of course, legal guardians.  Sometimes placing 5 to 7 children at a time in a smaller group settings.  They are also home to  children who are infected with HIV/AIDS.

“Our HIV and AIDS infected children are given the same love and care as all our children; they know they are an important, equal part of our family. We hold activities and workshops to help them manage their health and live with hope, happiness, and dignity, despite having a terminal disease.”

Volunteers are put to work in a variety of ways.  From maintenance work around the home (gardening, painting, etc.,) to taking care of the babies (babies!), to participating in activities with the children, the days will be full!  We are also encouraged to come up with our own activities for the children.  I would love to organize a group outing with the older kids, a field trip of some kind.  To get them out and about…

But what I really want to do (shocker) is organize some kind of dance/arts camp for the kids.  Goodness knows if there is one thing I am good at is keeping kids entertained in a dance class!  Plus as my friend Jim said, “the language of dance is universal“.  So as long as I learn how to count to 8 and point out my left foot from my right, I should be okay to teach.  Plus, one of the facets of the Love Infinitely Project will be to bring arts camps to children who otherwise would not have the opportunity.  This is my chance to test it out.

I will, of course, remain open to whatever they have me do.  I’ll be ready with activities, field trip ideas, choreography and ready to participate in any way.  Whether I’m helping with cleaning or just being a high chair for a baby, I will be happy.  I know it will be hard to leave this place.

We are inching toward our fundraising goal!  Infinite love and thanks to all our wonderful donors!  You will be making a huge difference!

2 more days.

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  • Hi! I’m interested in doing some volunteering early Jan, 2012 when I am in Chang Mai. This seems like a good option. Are they flexible in regards to the time you can put in?

    • Yes, they are and it is one of the reasons I am volunteering with them on this trip. They operate from 8:30 to 4:30 Monday through Friday. Volunteers can come in and work for a few hours, all day or come back for several days. There’s no time limit. You check in with the volunteer coordinator in the morning, turn in a volunteer application (which you can download on-line) and they will put you to work! I’ll be posting my experience with them here, so you can come back and check out how it went soon. I’ll also be able to answer questions a bit better then. Thank you so much!

  • Thanks for the info!! I am def going to consider this. I look forward to keeping updated with what you are doing! It’s so much better to read about what people are actually doing, than riffling through hundreds of travel sights.


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