31 Days: To Join in the Fun


Never worry about numbers. Help one person at a time and always start with the person nearest you.” ~Mother Teresa

That’s best advice to start off with for this 31 day adventure! Never worry about numbers and start with those closest to you. Our 31 Days should be a fun time for everyone taking part. Don’t over-think it and let the opportunities to give find you. Make up your own rules.

You can choose to plan or not plan.

You can keep track of your days in a journal or you can give, let go and start fresh the next day.

This is YOUR experience. There is no right or wrong way. Miss a day? Jumping in on Day 8? No big deal!

The important thing is to give from the heart. Do what feels right and enjoy the ride.

Here are some fun suggestions to get your 31 Days started:

~Thank You cards to people who may not receive recognition very often. Perhaps your mail-person, secretary/receptionist at work or apt. leasing office manager. They probably don’t get lovely hand-written thank you notes frequently.

~Look around your home. Have clothes and shoes you don’t wear anymore? Perhaps kitchen appliances you don’t use? There are always people and/or organizations who could make great use out of the things you no longer use. Give it away!

~Plants & flowers are one of my favorite. Grab a bouquet at a flower market or pick some from your yard. Surprise one of your favorite people, your teacher, your mom (she will LOVE it) or even your hairdresser next time you see them.

~Time. I realize that time is not something people have a whole lot of. But, it is free. I walk my dog every day at our local park. When we go for our walks I bring an extra bag and clean up any trash I see around the park area and dispose of it properly.

~Another great one is sweet treats! I love buying desserts for friends. It doesn’t cost too much to buy a bag of goodies or treat a friend to something cold and yummy!

Sometimes all it takes is a simple thank you, a compliment or small token as a gift. Then expand your circle of giving from there. Sign that petition you just got in your email. Donate to your friend of a friend’s Kickstarter. Of course, you can always lose yourself in FreeRice.com.  Fun, educational and feeds the hungry.  Win, win, win.

We will be posting a fresh new set of ideas at the start of every week, showcasing some great organizations we love, having themed days (example: Random Acts of Kindness Day), organizing volunteer events and posting re-caps at the end of every week.

Share with us! Tell us your stories, send us your ideas and give us more information on the organizations and causes you care about most. Know about a great food/coat/toy drive happening in your area, let us know and we’ll do the same!

We have so much goodness to share and can’t wait go on this fun adventure with all of you!

Whatever you have in your hand, give it.” — Abu Sa’id


~B & the Love Infinitely Team


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