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We will be heading out on vacation (yes, vacation!) through Incredible India in a few short weeks and you can’t get members of Love Infinitely on a holiday without also doing some volunteer work.

There will be three stops at local schools to play, volunteer & drop off donations and also a couple days giving love at Animal Aid Unlimited, a hospital/sanctuary for injured and abused street animals.  One of the schools we have volunteered at before; an all girls school in Bhadrajun for girls whose parents can’t afford to send them to regular school.  Instead they have been specially chosen for this school where they also live.


We will be collecting donations on behalf of the schools/organizations.

Basic necessities for the school include: pencil pouches, pencils, erasers, crayons, etc., 

One of the teachers showing us around the school.

For Animal Aid, we will be collecting: dog collars, leashes, toys, flea medications, etc., 

Jimmy Supaaaa Flyyyy!!!!!

We’ve already begun gathering donations and have a nice stash of basic schools supplies. We will continue collecting for the next 2 weeks.  However, we don’t have any donations for Animal Aid yet.  If you would like to send in some supplies, email and we will give you an address to send your donations to.

If you would like to give a monetary donation, we will be buying donations in India as well.  Though, only for the schools and not Animal Aid.  There aren’t pet supply stores in India, so we’d like to take as much as we can over from here.  If you are afraid your donation will not arrive in time, you can give a monetary donation & specify what you’d like your donation to buy.  Click on the link below to donate:


You can also support our efforts by shopping in the Love Infinitely Shop.  However, the shop will have to go on a short 2 week hiatus while we are off traveling. Last day to order apparel is MARCH 11th and last day for everything else is MARCH 18th. Shop will resume business on APRIL 5th. In the meantime use the code: GRATITUDE10 to receive 10% off until the break.


Infinite love and gratitude to all!


~B & the Love Infinitely Team


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