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Hello lovelies!

I’m Liz, and Brenda has given me the amazing opportunity to share with you my story.  I am the mother of two of the most amazing little girls you would ever want to meet.  Ivy (13) and my youngest, Sydney (10).  I have always been an animal lover and I have passed my love of animals down to my girls.  Three years ago my youngest came home and informed us that she would no longer be eating meat.  I truly thought it was a phase but she continued to stick to her guns and to this day hasn’t touched a piece of meat.  Then about a year ago, it hit me.  How can I say that I’m an animal lover when I continue to use them for everything?  Food, clothing, cleaners, etc…  It never really occurred to me to make the connection until that moment, and from that moment on I also became a vegetarian or what my oldest likes to call, a vegan in training.  A few months later my oldest followed suit and just about a month ago, my hubby also made the connection!

After my decision to become vegan I knew I had to get informed.  I immersed myself in videos, studies, blogs, anything and everything that had to do with animal rights, animal activism, factory farms and veganism.  I wanted to be a voice for these beautiful creatures.  Everything I would learn, I would then teach my girls and they in turn would inform their friends, classmates and peers.  Many school projects they were given would somehow be turned in to some sort of message for the animals.  Unfortunately I had no idea what we were getting ourselves into.  Everywhere we turned there was constant negativity, defensive friends and family, even the nasty jokes about running out to get a juicy steak.  In the midst of all of this, I found Brenda on Twitter.  She has been inspiring me ever since.  From her contagious love of life and all things positive, to her Year of Giving blog and now the Love Infinitely Project, she has given me hope and AMAZING inspiration.

Because of Brenda, my daughters and I have decided to spread our message of animal activism through a way that it should be spread.  Instead of being constantly surrounded by this horrible negativity, we want to spread the message through LOVE.  Love of animals.  Love of our Earth.  Love of the human race.  We have also decided to try our hand at making some vegan jewelry to help raise money for a local farm sanctuary and hopefully, if all goes well we would love to help raise money for Brenda’s Love Infinitely Project. We are also (very slowly,we’re not a very tech savvy bunch) working on a website for my daughters to run to spread the message of animal rights to tweens and teens.

I am SO excited about this new blog!  I cannot wait to read all about you magnificent souls!  Much love to each and every one of you.


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The Love Infinitely Project is a movement to to spread love by encouraging people use their natural talents to give back. Support this 501 c3 non-profit by making a donation or by shopping at the Love Infinitely Shop. ♥∞


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