Animal Aid: “Mera Babies”


“Mera Babies”

There are 100+ animals at Animal Aid Unlimited in Udaipur and I can honestly say, I love them all.  There’s too many to go through each one, but with the re-cap of my volunteer experience coming soon, I want to introduce you to “mera babies”.  (My babies)

These little ones have stolen my heart and will have a piece of it always.  Some are alive and well and some have passed away.  (Or in the process.)  It’s really hard to be at Animal Aid for an extended period of time because you do get so emotionally attached to the animals.  You end up having “your” animals.  Your babies.  Even if you are busy doing other things, helping with a project or in my case working with local children, your babies get your attention every day.

Every morning when I get to work I do my rounds.  I usually go to paralyzed first (where the handicapped doggies live) to check all the pups but 2 in particular:

Jimmy Supa Fly!

Jimmy is the only dog at the hospital that cannot get around by himself.  After a car accident, he’s been left paralyzed from the waist down.  He has full motion of his 2 front limbs, but one of them is still broken and in a cast.  Jimmy should (and will) be able to get around once his broken arm has healed.  Not only that but he recieves daily massage and physical therapy from the amazing, Kamla.  I make sure to give Jimmy my love every day.


I make sure to give a bit of love to the other paralyzed pups as well: Tina, Digger, Pooja, Rambo (I love me some Rambo!), Sheena, Digger’s sister… the whole gang.  BUT, there is one of the paralyzed pups who is “MY DOG”Karl.  You can read all about our love story here.  But I will say this about my main man, if there is a way to bring him home one day, I’m going to do it.  His story is so sad, but our love story is so sweet.  And besides Kamla, he doesn’t really like any other humans.  Or animals.  Or anybody.  We sit together every day and it’s the happiest anyone has ever seen him.


Oh my Jigger!  Jigger was put under my care by Julie, a volunteer who left about a week ago.  I make sure to spend time with him every day as well.  Jigger is a 5/6 month old donkey who was hit by a truck on the highway.  He came in bad condition.  He has 2 fractures, both on the side he was hit on.  The impact also sent him flying and onto his face.  He’s missing a bit of lip and has a broken front tooth.  (I think it just makes him more adorable.)  I’ve been watching Jigger get better day by day.  His fractures are no longer swollen and seem to be healing up well.  He’s started to move around and sitting up.  He’s got great energy and a strong spirit.  And probably the most spoiled animal at the hospital.  I’ve missed chai time on several ocassions because I’m off hand feeding him cucumbers or some other delicious treat…

The Puppies

Part of my day always consists of taking care of the injured puppies.  Their injuries range from simple skin infections to mange, to bite wounds, to being partially paralyzed and amputations!  My main babies are Fruit Bat (recent amputee), Sleepy Puppy (bite wounds on head) and bitty little Mandi (mange).  Bear (broken leg) used to be one of my pups too but was released back to her momma earlier this week.  I love all of them though!  Even if they’re the most heart breaking because their survival rate is so low.  Fruit Bat recovered quite well from her amputation but seems to have fallen ill the last few days.  She’s not as active as she used to be.  But Sleepy is gonna be just fine!  And Mandi is here with her momma and is still nursing, so I think once they’ve recovered from mange, will be just fine.

There are 2 other animals who I want to point out for different reasons even though they aren’t my babies:

Mother Goddess

This cow is so large and magnificent.  Being in her presence you really get a feeling that she is absolutely divine.  Cows in India are all called Mother or Goddess and let me tell you, this is the mother of all goddesses!  I usually just bow in Namskar and walk by very quickly past her because she is very big and quite intimidating.  But she is a sight to see…


Raju is the only monkey at Animal Aid and a horrible case of cruelty.  Once a performing monkey, Raju now lives at the hospital where he will live for the rest of his life in safety.  He’s quite dangerous, as the abuse he endured in his past has left him a bit psychologically unstable.  He doesn’t play even though he’s got a fancy tricked out cage.  He mostly paces back and forth in his cage, which is kept away from the madness of the other animals as to not add to his stress.  A prominent feature on Raju is the fact that he has no nose.  Which they suspect he lost due to electric shocks to make him perform.

There are many more animals of course.  Buddy, Richard and Gilly from A Kennel.  All the calves and cows!  The piggies!  The shelter dogs: Charlie, Octopus, Ass Man, Piper, etc.,  But I would like to give recognition to the ones we’ve lost.  We lose many animals every day.  (We lost one of my favorite cows today.)  Seems like we’ve lost a cow per day the past few days…  We lose at least 3 puppies a day.  One of my first favorite pups was a paralyzed (waist down) pup named Tic Tac.  He died about 2 days after I got here.  Muna was a full grown paralyzed dog who had to be put down even though we were all in love with him.  We got 2 black kittens in last night.  I saved the life of the littler one today.  (Mera baby!)  But the other we just couldn’t help and had to be put to sleep.  I’m afraid we might lose Fruit Bat and another one of our puppies who has fallen ill recently.  We know it is always for the best when they go, but it doesn’t change the fact that we will miss them.  However, I am glad I got to know each and every one of them.


I could go on and on about the animals but instead I urge you to come and meet them yourself.  And if you can’t, you can always sponsor one from home.  Animal Aid runs purely on donations and I can tell you personally that the lives you help are truly special.



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