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One of my favorite things is getting the email newsletter from our friends at Animal Aid Unlimited in Udaipur, India. On my last trip there I had the amazing privilege to meet (and fall in love) with some beautiful creatures. Two in particular that stole my heart were Buddy and Jimmy Superfly. Both Indian street dogs came to Animal Aid just before I arrived last winter so I got to see the extent of their injuries and transformation in the weeks I spent with them.

Buddy came to Animal Aid nearly dead with a head wound. When we began the educational outreach program, we needed an animal ambassador. We chose Buddy because he is great around people and his wound was beginning to heal nicely. He was rescued by a local village boy and both have become heroes. Buddy was the perfect ambassador!

Jimmy was the most severe case of the paralyzed dogs last winter. He was the only dog that could not move on his own. Though so charismatic that we tended on him hand and paw! We couldn’t help it. Jimmy Supefly was just that, superfly. He made solid improvements while I was there. Lifting his head and shoulders. Both of these boys stole my heart!

A few weeks ago I heard the wonderful news that Jimmy is not just walking, but RUNNING! Nothing short of a miracle. See it with your own eyes:

Then just a few days ago I got another update on Buddy. Animal Aid’s Manager Laxman Singh Rathore wrote an article for the local paper on how rescuing animals has made him a better parent and used Buddy’s story as the example.

“The article is part of a series of feature stories focusing on the importance of street dogs in our lives to ease tensions between Srinagar residents whose fear of dogs has led to mass dog killings in Srinagar in the past, and the threat of more.”

When I get an update or email from Animal Aid I get anxious to get back there. Not only is there much work to be done, but I personally feel like I have so much work to do there. Next year I am hoping to launch an initiative to get more volunteers to work with them. I will be headed back soon.

Who is coming with me?



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