Love Infinitely Project In The Classroom


Our first assignment.

It has been an idea of mine since the beginning of Love Infinitely Project to move our concept into the classroom.  Actually, Love Infinitely Project has been in the classroom for years.  My classroom.  Being an arts teacher, I’m really excited at the results that can come of this collaboration.

So I am making a call to all of my fellow teachers, of all subjects and grade levels.  I’ve created a simple lesson plan that can be adapted to any type of class and I’d love to have as many teachers take part.  I want to open the discussion up to students to find out what world issues students are most passionate about and maybe open their hearts to causes they may not be aware of.  Then allow them to take steps in finding some creative solutions.

The lesson can be a quick one day project or structured to last longer.  The project is also open to school clubs!  I want to get as many students involved as possible.  In addition to the lesson plan, I also have a PowerPoint presentation (I love PowerPoint presentations…) to go along with it that covers some facts about major environmental, human and animal rights issues that face us today.  All of them I can adapt to different subjects and grade levels.

Then I want to showcase some of the outcomes on here.  Submit the results of the project to us in any form, either through pictures, stories or even video!

If you are interested in bringing Love Infinitely Project into your classroom, send us an email at for FULL details, lesson plan and presentation materials.  Of course, I highly encourage teachers (and students) to take this basic idea, expand it and make it their own.

I can’t wait to see what comes out of this!



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