Big Changes


The Love Infinitely ‘Headquarters’ are on the move!

A few weeks ago my heart started telling me to do some crazy s*%!  Like, really crazy.  And it came with paralyzing fear.  For a full week, I felt like my heart was pumping acid through my body and it wrecked my nerves.  To be fair however, this had been building up for many months.  Though I had been making steps toward fully launching the Love Infinitely Project, it came to the point where if it was going to happen, I needed to make some major changes.

My heart started speaking louder than it ever had before.  There was no avoiding it.  I walked around for days fighting all the reasons I should be doing this.  I just kept thinking ‘I’ve really lost it this time!‘  But eventually came to the decision to give up my beautifully crafted, safe and comfortable life to risk it all and take off on a new adventure to accelerate the start of the non-profit.  This included; taking time off from my awesome full-time job as a dance teacher, moving out of my lovely beach home, start traveling around the world and practicing what I preach.

I know there is a great adventure headed my way (details coming soon) and even though it is sad to leave my old life behind, I am more excited for what is to come.  I know that this is the right path for me.  As soon as I made my decision, I felt peace like I never had before.  I am more calm and confident about the direction of my life now that there is uncertainty, than when my life was stable and perfectly planned.  I trust the unknown.

I surrendered to the call of my heart and what I found was that, the more I surrender to life, the more control I have over it.  That’s the crazy fun part!  (I recommend everyone try it.)  I am moving forward into a COMPLETELY new life and I know that the risks I am taking far outweigh staying where I was comfortable.  I am excited to share with you the incredible changes that are happening in the coming months.  This will be the place for all the craziness that ensues.

Now, I’m not saying it has been the easiest decision, there have been ups, downs, miracles and tragedies…  It’s a roller coaster for sure.  An old life is dying and a new life is being created.  But it is absolutely worth it.  I’m ready to move into this new chapter of life of starting the non-profit, traveling, making a difference and making new friends along the way.  I’m ready to get this off the ground and to get the ball rolling on a project that will change the world we live in.

I know I can handle it, I know I can make it happen and I know it will change the world. 



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