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by Rachel Braman

A question I get all the time when discussing the Love Infinitely Project with others is, “What does the love infinitely project mean to you?”  At first it is hard for me to answer this question because about a million things flood my mind.  I love helping others. I love putting a smile on a strangers face. (more…)

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by Megan Thackray

Today is a day to celebrate the people who have taught us all throughout our lives. Teachers are so unbelievably patient and dedicate their lives to teaching others. They work extremely hard to make a difference in the lives of their students. Most people think of this day to recognize just school teachers, but I think this day encompasses much more than that. How about we thank not only our school teachers, but also our yoga teachers, our friends, our parents, our coworkers, the universe and anyone else who has taught us something about this world or yourself? You’ve definitely learned more than you realize from interacting with people that you are close with.

So let’s take a moment to think about our teachers – to the friend who taught you how to be a good friend, to your mom who to taught you how to forgive, to your dad who showed you how push yourself beyond your limits, to your co-worker who showed you the ropes at your job, to life and its reminders that things always change, to the hobby or practice that lets you be creative and challenges you, to your pets who only show you unconditional love, and anything or anyone else who has taught you.

Also, give yourself a thank you – for learning from your mistakes, and choosing to live your life being the best version of yourself. By living a compassionate and caring life, you are teaching others to do the same.

Love infinitely and be grateful for all of the teachers that made you who you are today.



Megan ThackrayMegan Thackray is a university student currently majoring in Kinesiology. She is passionate about health and wellness, music, yoga, and the environment. With an arm full of bracelets and a love of adventure, Megan strives to pursue positive change within her society through acts of love, love, love and endless gratitude.

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by Sara Notenboom

If you know me or my writing, you know that I often speak and write about the concept of connection. Connection is the soul of life. We need it to thrive, and we are hardwired to seek it out. (more…)

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by Kristen Runvik

Affirmations are directly connected to your inner desires, your truth, your heart and soul. All you have to figure out is how to frame your desire into affirmations, which is what I’m going to teach you here. Once you learn how to craft your own affirmation, you can create them for anything: love, career, money, health, abundance, romance, travel. (more…)

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