Celebrating International Women’s Day


You may remember us sharing the amazing organization, Watsi with you during our 31 Days of Giving.  Watsi is like Kickstarter for charity, this new nonprofit enables you to directly fund low-cost, high-impact medical treatments for people in need.  In celebration of International Women’s Day we want to showcase some of their current projects.

Right now you can fund the treatment for:

Jen works as a typist at a school and her husband is a mason; they are expecting their third child this spring.  According to Jen, Lwala Community Alliance is helping her prepare for the new baby by making sure she takes care of herself. She told a Wasti coordinator: “They are supporting me and taught me the importance of coming to the hospital when I give birth. I know that if I am sick or in labor they will come to me quickly.

Women in the developing world rarely have access to medical care before and during labor; 90% of all maternal deaths in these less developed countries are preventable. For $215, Jen will receive antenatal care, hospital delivery, and a post-natal check-up. Jen is doing what she can, lets see if we can help give her the medical care she deserves.

Grace is 28 and pregnant with her fourth child. She and her husband are saving and preparing for the birth as best they can, but Grace is nervous. She told Lwala “I am worried that when the labor happens, it will happen too fast before I can make it to hospital.”

Only 44% of births in Kenya are attended by a skilled health professional even though medical care can avoid and treat many of the risks associated with maternal mortality and morbidity. Lwala Community Alliance and their maternal health program want this to change. They provide maternal care and community education services for women like Grace.

“All of these women have incredible stories, and are overcoming crazy challenges to seek healthcare for themselves and their babies. $215 gets them full medical care, and in a world where reproductive health is the biggest killer of women 15-44 worldwide, we think that’s pretty amazing.”  ~Watsi

We are happy to spread the word about helping women gain access to health care in honor of Women’s Day!



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