Girls Who Are Changing the World: Jill & Tracey of Compassion Couture


“At Compassion Couture, we take a fashion-forward approach towards living an ethical lifestyle.  All of our products are 100% animal friendly and are produced by labels that incorporate sustainability into their practices. Our mission is to find a balance between our values and our feminine passion for style.”

Our Girls Who Are Changing the World this week are two sisters who are co-founders of the shop, Compassion Couture.  Jill and Tracey are not just sisters but also best friends.  When they realized that they weren’t fulfilling their life’s true purpose, they put their love of protecting the environment and compassion toward animals to work.  In September they launched the fabulous online boutique!  Jill describes their shop as, “a local start-up with the goal to make a difference in how the world views compassionate and ethical fashion.”  They only sell 100% vegan and eco-friendly handbags, shoes and accessories!

When Jill emailed me recently, I knew they would be a perfect fit in our Love Infinitely community.  Their dedication to “making the biggest difference possible in the world” falls in line with we’re doing beautifully.  Showing our support for businesses that make a positive impact will change our world for the better.

“None of our items are made of any animal products at all and all of our brands incorporate sustainability into their practices – whether they reduce their carbon footprint at factories, are made of recycled materials, organic materials or sustain the local economies of developing countries!

Keeping their eyes on current trends, they hand-pick every item sold in the shop.  High quality shoes, bags, wallets, belts and other accessories that come some of our favorite vegan companies such as Beyond Skin, Matt & Nat and Olsen Haus.  They are also out to educate consumers about the impact that items such as leather have on our environment.  Their goal is to inform people that there are fashionable and high quality items out there that are also ethical.

“Most consumers are not aware of the detrimental effects of leather used for fashion and my sister and I want to make it clear that this is a huge issue; from the amount of energy and pollution it takes to create leather, as well as the inhumane way that animals are treated during entire leather-making process.”

Those who promote an ethical lifestyle should definitely support Compassion Couture!

Thank you Tracey and Jill for showing us that we can stick to our values and be fashionable at the same time!

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