Girl Who is Changing The World: Ashley McPartland


I am very excited to introduce this weeks Girl Who is Changing the World because it’s someone that is not only making her impact in our world, but she is also a very dear friend of mine!

Ashley McPartland is a girl of many talents. If you asked her what her passions are, I’m sure she would tell you that traveling, volunteering and food are in her top three!  Her life has pretty much been full of all three and she is definitely a DO’er, not a TALK’er!

On Ashley’s first adventure she traveled to the gorgeous country of Costa Rica through a volunteer abroad program called, Cross Cultural Solutions.  The purpose of the trip was to work in a day-care and orphanage in the “not-so-nice” parts of the country.  Ashley gave English lessons to the children and helped them with school work and projects.  I am pretty sure Costa Rica was just a taste of what she wanted to do, go and see,. She has been movin’ and shakin’ eversince!

Not too long after Costa Rica, Ashley decided to take a 2-month long trip to South Africa.  She spent her entire time at the Karongwe Game Reserve in northern South Africa, working in environmental and conservation research. She visited many schools to help educate the African students about conservation in their country.

Ashley has been involved with great movements and organizations locally as well.  During her time at Stockton College she was involved with their Go-Green Campaign traveling to conferences and college events promoting the benefits of going green.  She was also a loyal volunteer at the Marine Mammal Stranding Center which included driving a 400 pound Grey Seal from New Jersey to Rhode Island for a safe release.

Ashley is one of those people that constantly has the travel bug biting at her (as do I!) and she seems to always answer its call.  Ashley has not only traveled to Costa Rica and South Africa, but you can also add Germany (twice!),  France, Italy, and Greece to list!  As well as exploring our west and east coast of the US!  And if you’re sitting at home reading this thinking; “wow, I wish I could travel and see the world”, YOU CAN!  All you have to do is put your mind and heart into it AND MAKE IT HAPPEN!

As I said in the beginning of this post, one of Ashley’s passions is definitely FOOD!  Ashley is a full-time foodie and proud of it!  Believe me, if you ever got the chance to taste her cooking or baking, you would become a foodie too!  Everything this girl makes is AMAZING!  No, really, AMAZING!   Ashley hopes to one day own her own cupcake shop and I have no doubt that will happen for her.  She is ALWAYS full of ideas and with her giving personality she is already thinking of ways to give back through her talent.  As “Sugar Punch Cupcakes” gets bigger, Ashley plans on dedicating a certain kind of cupcake to a deserving program or organization, so that the profit goes to something great.  I am picturing Love Infinitely cupcakes right now, aren’t you!?

Since “Sugar Punch Cupcakes” isn’t quite paying the bills yet (YET!), Ashley now works full-time with people with disabilities, special needs, and criminal backgrounds.  She helps them with job placement, teaching and trainings on how to keep a job, hold an interview and general life skills.

Ashley has not only been a great friend of mine, but a great inspiration as well.  I hope after reading this, she has inspired you too. Any of us have the ability to create change and show love,  it’s just a matter of DO’ing it!

Thank you Ashley for being a DO’er.

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