Girl Who is Changing The World: Ciara McCann


Our popular Friday feature Girls Who Are Changing the World‘ is officially back and I am so proud to present the first GCTW of  2012, Ciara McCann.  Ciara is the Love Infinitely Project’s first intern and one of my favorite people on the planet.  I have known her since she was an adorable 4th grader and now she is now a lovely high school senior with her eyes set on a NYC college experience.  In the almost 9 years I have known Ciara, she has grown into one of the smartest, most beautiful and kindest people I know.  Not to mention, crazy talented!

Ciara is a triple threat (actor, singer, dancer) and she and I share a love for elephants, eastern religion, travel, the arts and activism.  We both believe that through the arts, great change can be made in our world.  She has even started a school club that she hopes to make into a full fledged non-profit organization someday.  She heads up this art meets activism club with co-chair, Gabrielle Werve (an equally lovely and smart young lady) and help of the school principle.  The Heart to Heart Club Inspiring Artists to Create Social and Environmental Change, or just Heart to Heart,  meets on Tuesdays at lunch and works on different project around the school and community.  Here are the details:

“Heart to Heart is a club for social and environmental change.  They club strives to help students make time and use the club meetings as an opportunity to discuss and develop ideas on how they can use their artistic talents and passions to make a difference in their communities and around the world.  Club members have the responsibility of keeping up with current events, and starting their own projects.  These projects range from campus beautification projects, recycling campaigns, volunteering at animal shelters, counter protesting against groups that promote hate, etc.,  We encourage students to use some mode of expression, whether it is through dancing, singing, playing instruments, writing, theater for the oppressed or discussion.  We believe that art has the power to affect every human soul; it is something that everyone can relate to and communicate through.  It is a universal language.”

~Ciara McCann

The students who attend this school are incredibly busy as the schedule is quite demanding for everyone who attends (and teaches at)  this unique performing arts high school.  Having a club like this is a perfect way to get these teens to see what is happening out in the world but it also let’s them remain creative in solving global issues.  Using their artistic talents to innovate new ways to make positive change in the world is exactly what we need.  I feel like we should get used to hearing more about Ciara in years to come.  I can’t wait to see what she is going to do!



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