Girl Who is Changing the World: Erika Sullivan


Erika Sullivan is one of my greatest friends and heroes.

I met Erika when we were paired up as roommates on my first trip to India. We immediately clicked and were mostly inseparable for the length of the trip. We bonded over our shared love for traveling and helping animals. Though she is quite a bit better at helping animals than me since she is a veterinarian. (So, clearly a lot better at helping animals.) I must have asked her a million questions and marveled at how she reacted when we saw animals in need. Since our trip to India, we have remained good friends and continue to plan future adventures.

Erika is an active animal advocate through her work as a veterinarian. Her passion lies in promoting humane alternatives to live-animal-use for veterinary surgical training.  (Check out her victory here.)  She graduated from the Ontario Veterinary College and is a spokesperson for several local, national, and international animal projects and movements that dedicate their cause and time to helping animals. She also works for a local humane society to help animals without a guardian and has even done courses on acupuncture, finding new ways to help sick animals.

Since traveling is a passion of hers, she has worked at different sanctuaries all over the world. Erika has delivered formal presentations on the health benefits of vegetarianism, wildlife conservation efforts and her experiences overseas with gorillas in Africa and elephants in Thailand, and alternatives to animal use in veterinary surgical training. (I’ve been to some of her presentations!) Recently Erika has published works in the veterinary medical journals on turtle rehabilitation in Ontario, Canada.

She is currently deciding where her next adventure in helping animals is going to be. We are hoping L I P will be able to go with her!

I feel so lucky to have amazing friends like Erika who and changing the world through their own unique skills and big hearts! I can’t wait to see where she is going to go next!



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