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Last week I received an email from Kabi, a woman who wanted to nominate her sister as the latest ‘Girl Who is Changing the World’. After reading all of the things that Kabi had to say about her sister Genia, I couldn’t wait to showcase all of her hard work!

Genia Hale

I’d like to share Kabi’s emails with you; the praise and sincerity that she has for her sister really inspired me.

Today, I want to nominate my dear sister as a girl who is changing the world through love. Genia Hale is a master teacher, author, creative education developer and youth advocate on a mission to spread worldwide love through transformational training. She has just completed her first series of children’s books, ‘Imagine Being You, The Adventures of Butterfly Unique’. It is a book about a butterfly who goes around spreading fairy dust and saving the world.

Genia Hale is also the co-founder of Mad Miracles, a site that focuses on mother and daughter miracles. Every Monday Genia co-hosts a teleseminar called Miracle Minded Mondays where the conversation is about love, inspiration and empowerment.

I can list a bunch of other things that she does to spread love like how she is always volunteering and mentoring teen girls, but it wouldn’t really matter because her very being is love. It is who she is. I am nominating Genia as a girl who is changing the world because she is really a vessel of love. She lives and breathes love. I have never met anyone so passionate about spreading love to the world like she does. I am so honored to have her in my life. She definitely makes me reach for my higher self.

Thank you for this wonderful opportunity and the amazing work that you are doing. I believe that love is the answer and the solution to all the problems in the world. It is infinite, forgiving, compassionate, all encompassing, whole and complete.

Love and Light,

After exchanging a couple of emails with Kabi and doing a little research on the MaD Miracles and Butterfly Unique websites, I was completely blown away by Genia and all of the work that she’s doing for self-love and self-empowerment. I asked Kabi to provide me with some insider information about MaD Miracles, and this is what she had to say:

“Mad Miracles was birthed by both Genia and her mother as a result of their breakdown. It was definitely a MaD Miracle because both women were able to really see each other as magnificent, dynamic beings. It was about being vulnerable, transparent and loving each other exactly where they each were in their life’s journey. It’s been a journey of growth, love and forgiveness. It’s been a process of being able to really see someone beyond their “stuff” as well as yours.

Their relationship is now rooted in their authentic truths. And watching them really tells me that relationships of any kind can be perfect. I think breakdowns occur because we make assumptions and have expectations of others instead of just letting people be.

As their relationship continues to blossom so does MaD Miracles and the miracle minded community. MaD Miracles is committed to manifesting a worldwide transformation of relationships through self-love and self-empowerment. Their purpose is to inspire individuals to Love themselves, Know themselves and Share themselves fully.”

How amazing does that sound?

Now let’s talk about those children’s books! The youth are the light of our future. I truly believe in teaching them to be strong, independent, and self-loving. As parents, aunts/uncles, grandparents, friends, family, neighbors, teachers, siblings, etc., this is the hope that we have for all of the young women in our lives. Genia is taking this hope head-on!

976244_661485317201495_2140681116_oA description of the adorable ‘B.U.’ can be found on the website and I’ll include some of it here so that you can all read about the creative inspiration behind this empowering little butterfly:

“Butterfly Unique is a butterfly princess who believes that all people can help save the world through love. Her short stories take young children through preteen age on an adventure showing them how to use their imagination to help others. Her initials, B.U. resonates her philosophy; you can create anything you want, and that starts by being you. Are you ready to take an adventure with Butterfly Unique? Let’s Go!”

Check out both MaD Miracles and Butterfly Unique online! While you’re at it, be sure to connect with both Genia and Kabi on social media.



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