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I met Becky during the summer of 2005 through the Ocean City chapter of the Christian Surfers organization. As a wide-eyed eighteen year old girl who was heading off to college, I clung to my faith and prayed that I would find strength in those that I surrounded myself with. Becky always struck me as someone who was destined for great things, and I know that most of that came from the fact that I idolized her so much. “Becky is destined for great things, and so am I,” I used to say when I heard her speak or when we were simply hanging out together. Her faith, her passion, her unyielding love and kindness… These are just a few things that I love about Becky. And when he’s old enough to fully understand, these are just a few things that Kyle will love too.

Ten years ago, Becky was doing a Discipleship Training School with YWAM (Youth With A Mission) in Mexico. While she was there, she prayed that God would find her purpose. Three years later, Becky was still praying. And although at the time she claims that it felt like nothing was happening, she believed that her heart was being prepared for all of the amazing things that were in store. When she heard about a chance to minister in the foothills of the Himalayas, she jumped at the chance and knew that God was sending her an offer that she had to accept! After two two-month trips to India, Becky fell in love with the Nepali and Tibetan people and children and knew that she was meant to be with them. In December 2007, Becky made the decision to move to India.

Although not a major chapter in Becky’s story, when she decided to move out of her apartment and move to India, I decided to move into the apartment in her place. I was at one of the most pivotal times in my young adult life. I had just decided to start commuting to college, had started working full time, and was searching for a sense of belonging. The three roommates that I would soon gain by moving into Becky’s old room welcomed me with open arms – but fear, as we all know it can do, set in and I started to worry. Was I making the right decision? Had I fallen off course? Were all of the waves crashing in my life because of me, or because of the toxic people that I had surrounded myself with? I’ll never forget sitting on Becky’s bedroom floor while she laid our clothes and belongings for her trip. She talked to me for hours that night and was so patient, constantly telling me to calm my heart and have a little faith. I used to think of her as an older sister but looking back on it now, she was exactly like a mom that night.

After her first month in India, Becky received the phone call about a newborn whose birth mother was unable to keep him. She knew that if she didn’t help the child, he would be abandoned. After feeling a sense of calm from everything that had happened over the years since she started asking for a sign, Becky said that she would take the baby. They had called her for a reason, and when she held the two-day old baby in her arms it all made sense. Becky didn’t understand how his mother felt knowing that she couldn’t keep him, but was thankful for the start of this life and the relationship with her new son, Kyle.

On October 29, 2009, after more legal processes than you can possibly imagine, Becky was awarded Legal Guardianship by the Indian Court System. Getting a passport and a visa for Kyle to come back to the United States has been the hardest thing that Becky has had to endure while there. Although frustration tends to set in, Becky knows that her awesome team of lawyers in both India and the United States are working hard to bring Kyle home.

For those of you who don’t know, I am about to embark on a huge adventure of my own. I’m sure that many of you have plans in the works that also involve living your life, finding your purpose, and following your dream. Regardless of your faith, God, religion, or background – would you have the courage to accept a child who wasn’t your own? Would you have the dedication and belief that by changing one child’s entire world you could inspire others to change their own? Rescuing a child who was going to be abandoned wasn’t something that Becky had ever ‘planned’ for, but by accepting the unexpected, Becky’s world has been forever changed because she let go and let it happen. She absolutely is a ‘girl who is changing the world’ – she’s changing the world of one child, who because of her is going to grow up in a world of opportunity where he is able to do great, amazing things. She’s inspiring others who lack strength or belief to stand tall and welcome whatever comes their way. Let go, let it happen, and prepare to be inspired.


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