Girl Who Is Changing The World: Sarah Strong


Three years ago, after living through a domestic violence situation and surviving a brutal rape committed by a work colleague, Sarah Strong founded Not This Girl, a nonprofit dedicated to providing resources and a community to survivors of domestic and sexual violence.

According to statistics, more than seventeen-million American women have suffered through an attempted or completed rape.  Domestic violence numbers are even more startling with some estimates putting intimate partner violence at nearly four-million attacks each year. 

The mission of Not This Girl is to build a community that supports those affected by sexual and domestic violence through empowerment, offering a bridge to resources, creating awareness and encouraging change.   Sarah has tirelessly worked to make her vision of a community of connection and a force for change into a reality.  She worked through her own pain and struggle, looked past it in order to use her experiences to help others.  Leaving a successful business career and using her own funds to start and run Not This Girl until other funding could be found, Sarah worked relentlessly to give hope by creating NTG and continues to do so by creating the Library of Hope.

“At we speak uncomfortable truths while offering resources to the wounded. We’re not experts though many on our leadership team know violence and suffering intimately. We have lived through or are watching as loved ones endure the brutal affects of domestic violence or sexual assault, including the often agonizing recovery process.

We acknowledge our righteous anger at the level of brutality being experienced and are openly exploring ideas of faith, community, transparency, accountability and forgiveness as a means to promote peace and security.”

The Library of Hope (scheduled to launch in September), an online collection of resources both for victims and for those working to help them. We’re working to end the silence that surrounds domestic and sexual violence, telling powerful truths by sharing stories, connecting one another to resources, and spreading hope. We’re working to spread the message, “You are not alone.”

I nominated Sarah as a Girl Who is Changing the World because I’ve watched her change it on a daily basis.  She has not only accomplished and continues to accomplish incredible things with Not This Girl and The Library of Hope, but she also changes the immediate world around her just by being Sarah Strong.
She is extremely perceptive of others’ thoughts and feelings, extends great grace and understanding to those around her, and is always ready to offer a listening ear or helping hand.  Living transparent, the honesty and strength she possesses in the face of what she has lived through, inspires and spreads hope to those she comes in contact with.  Meeting Sarah Strong has changed my life and I know I’m not the only one.

Learn more about Not This Girl & The Library of Hope:

Not This Girl Offical Website:

Follow the Library of Hope on Twitter: @LibraryOfHope
~Nominated by friend & Not This Girl employee, Erin Lodes

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  • Dear Sarah Strong, you are my guardian Angel.. and she deserves this recognition like no body else in this world.. I met Sarah almost 2 years ago and being a domestic abuse/tape survivor, she has given me strength I didnt know I had.. I’m blessed to be a part of the NTG Family and thankful for all the angels of NTG! Your the best Sarah! Miss ya

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