Girl Who is Changing the World: Super Mom, Nancy!


Liz's momOur very own Liz’s mom, Nancy

When I think about Girls Who Are Changing the World, there is one girl who immediately pops into my head. This girl in particular is one of the most unselfish, giving & compassionate girls I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing and I feel like I’m the luckiest person ever to be able to call this girl, my mom.

My mom, who also goes by Nancy in some circles 😉 has for the past 10+ years donated her time, money, and unwavering love to so many animals, I wouldn’t dare try to count. She has changed the lives of countless animals who desperately needed it. She began donating her time with a no kill organization called Animal Allies on weekends. Since then she has taken on the most difficult task of taking responsibility of some local cat colonies. Every morning and night she feeds them, makes sure their shelters are in good condition and checks on every single one in sight. She never misses a day. Whether it’s pouring, flooding, hailing, through blizzards and extreme heat, she is there for them. She uses her own money that she receives for her retirement and social security to trap, vet, spay/neuter and release or adopt out if possible. After being vetted, if they are sick, she will bring them home, care for and love them until they are good as new. Or in the event that it’s clear they are suffering and there is no hope, she is the one who will make the grievous call for them to be euthanized. She has butted heads with my father (who is NOT a fan of cats) for years, written articles to local news papers, and fought tooth and nail with local authorities for them. Even after being attacked by a terrified cat and being admitted to the hospital for contracting Cat Scratch Disease (imagine that!), she was right back at it again.

While all of this seems to me like she is the most amazing woman ever (l may be a little biased), the thing that I believe makes her a true hero is that she does all of this while suffering with Rheumatoid Arthritis. She is often extremely fatigued. Her joints are swollen and painful, often times leaving her unable to grasp things and making it painful to do simple tasks. You will not hear her complain though. She NEVER complains. She stays active. She walks her dogs daily and I believe what she does for these cats is quite therapeutic for her as well. I know that she will continue to care for them until it’s impossible for her to do so.

I know that my mom was put on this earth to do an angels work. She is one of the lucky ones to have found her true calling. Although painful at times, physically, mentally, and most DEFINITELY emotionally, I know she wouldn’t trade it for the world. She is my Girl Who is Changing the World!


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