Girl Who Is Changing the World: Brenda Rodriguez


“Happiness hit her like a train on a track”

~ Florence and the Machine

Hi everyone! Now that Brenda is fully immersed into Fall Into Adventure we’ve taken over the blog to wish her a very special birthday by honoring her as the Girl Who’s Changing the World. Brenda is the most giving, loving, and absolutely amazing person I know. Not only do I consider her my mentor, but one of my best friends. I’m a better person just by knowing her, and I think a lot of us at LIP would agree with that statement. She followed her heart and hasn’t given up on her dreams – in this process she brought us all together. Thanks to her I’ve found my tribe of sisters and best friends.

Brenda – you’ve changed my world a million times over. Happy Birthday, and here’s to another year of wishes coming true! -xoxo-  Noelle

I’m thrilled to take part in this very special Brenda’s Birthday edition of our Girl Who Is Changing The World feature!  I’ve wanted to write about Brenda Rodriguez (who you know as the founder of the Love Infinitely Project!!!) for months, but as she moves into the next year of her beautiful life, it now feels truly appropriate.  In addition to being one of my most admired heroes, Brenda is absolutely one of the best friends I’ve ever had the privilege of knowing.

Her determination, her optimism, her refusal to accept mediocrity, her passion for compassion, and her bravery in attempting to change the world in a dramatic way ALL inspire me daily.

I met Brenda at Animal Acres, a farm animal sanctuary outside of Los Angeles.  At the farm, we bonded over our mutual love for the goats and piggies and our dream of creating a vegan world, but once I got home and tracked her down on Twitter, I found we have much more than animal activism in common.  We were both borderline obsessed with one of our favorite musical artists, Tristan Prettyman (a constant source of inspiration for us both!), we both regarded Joyologist Tricia Huffman as a spiritual guru, we both had an inappropriate crush on 71-year-old James Cromwell, and we can both quote Love Actually more than is healthy.  We became immediate friends and started attending live music shows and volunteer events together, and within a few weeks I knew she would become a permanent fixture in my life.  I feel so blessed, because if you asked me to describe my ideal friend using the best of my imagination, I’m not sure I could even come close to describing Brenda; I would never believe that such a person could exist!

As you probably know, Brenda is currently celebrating her birthday volunteering at the Elephant Nature Park in Chiang Mai, Thailand (after which she’ll be spending the next month helping other needy animals and children across Thailand and India).  Her devotion to selflessness amazes me daily.  While I already miss her so so much, I am ecstatic for the countless lives that will be touched by her generosity of spirit.  When she returns, she’ll be continuing to grow the Love Infinitely Project with the ultimate goal of creating a global network of volunteer activities that will transform the world we live in.  I hope you’ll all take time to support her work, shop the Love Infinitely store (my Love Infinitely apparel has practically become my uniform!) and share her story!

In closing, I’ll offer five final words that have come to epitomize the way I feel about Brenda.  I’ve been able to sing them to her when prompted as part of a crowd sing-along at countless Makepeace Brothers concerts, but I don’t say them directly to her nearly enough:

Brenda: “I want to thank you.” ~ Jessica


~ Jessica & Noelle ~

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  • I couldn’t agree with your selection of Brenda more! In the short time that I have known Brenda, I can honestly say that I have become a better person. I had long valued kindness above all other qualities, so it wasn’t that. What Brenda (and Jessica, definitely Jessica!) did is help me become more active in my volunteer work.

    Thanks so much, Brenda!

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