Girls Who Are Changing the World: Emily Richardson & Cari Pederson


The lovely Emily

The awesome Cari!

This week I would like to introduce not one, but two “Girls Who are Changing the World,” Emily Richardson and Cari Pedersen. Founders of All They Need is Love Animal Rescue, these girls prove that love (and determination) are all you need in order to help so many.

Emily and Cari volunteered at a local animal shelter, where a very special dog brought them together. As an dog trainer, Cari was asked to work with this dog. Despite all efforts, even the interest of potential adoptive parents, the shelter deemed the dog “unable to be saved” and she was euthanized. Although a major heartbreak for the girls they decided it was time to take a bigger role in preventing dogs from being put down.

Fostering dogs became their first line of defense, especially ones that did not react well in the shelter environment. Their goal was to help dogs the shelter categorized as “problem dogs” this way euthanasia was avoided and adoptions were made possible. Their fostering was a huge success, and in October 2010 All They Need is Love Animal Rescue opened for business.

As a registered non-profit, All They Need is Love is a foster based rescue, but do not limit the dogs they save as they also take in strays and surrendered dogs. Emily and Cari continue their education in running a rescue by attending workshops ran by Best Friends Animal Society in Southern Utah. Their dream is to have a Best Friends type organization on the East Coast.

As they typically have 40-50 dogs available for adoption at a time, All They Need is Love celebrated their 100th adoption this summer! But, I believe one of their biggest accomplishments is converting a New York City “dog store” (read: puppy mill dogs) to adopting out their rescue dogs. Now Pocket Pooches partners with All They Need is Love in adoptions and spreading the word about the importance of adoption versus purchasing a puppy mill dog.

Thanks so much Emily and Cari for all that you do to change the world. Your efforts are noticed and you are making a difference!

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