Girl Who Is Changing The World: Jessica Schlueter


“To know even one life has breathed easier because you have lived. This is to have succeeded.
~Ralph Waldo Emerson

Jessica has more passion for changing the world than anyone I know, she also happens to be one of my best friends.  We met volunteering at Animal Acres, a farmed animal sanctuary in Acton, CA.  I don’t know what made me strike up a conversation up with her that day.  There were a lot of volunteers, but somehow I knew I wanted to be friends with her.  We soon realized that we had many of the same interests and that we may actually be the same person.   Jess & I have become the best of friends since then.

Being a very active activist, she frequently participates in protests, passes around petitions and spreads the word on causes close to her heart.  You only need to visit her blog, Treekisser to see how much she cares about creating change for animals, the environment and all of humanity.  She is a great educator and a defender of animal and human rights.  When others (like me) would get flustered in a heated debate on a certain topic, Jessica always knows the correct facts and the right words to say.  I have been witness to this many times.  She’s incredible.

Her latest project is getting the store INTERMIX to stop selling fur:

Jessica has been leading this campaign and even rallied together activists in 5 different cities to protest INTERMIX’s selling of fur.  The petition has over 2,600 and has caught the attention of vegan celebrities/activists.  She ran a similar one against the store Nasty Gal with great success.  And even though INTERMIX hasn’t backed down yet, I am confident that Jessica will win this one.

And she probably already knows this but Jess is one of my heroes.  I am so grateful to have a friend like her.  She keeps me motivated and inspired.  Knowing her has made my life epically better.  Not just for all the fun we have but for how much change we will create in the world together.

I am lucky to have her on the Board of Directors for Love Infinitely Project but extra lucky to have her as one of my best friends too!

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