Girls Who Are Changing The World: The LIP Team


There is no way this blog would be as awesome if it wasn’t for the beautiful girls who I am honored to call part of my team:

Each one of them changing the world around them.  I could not do this without them or their never-ending support!


Jessica and I met while volunteering at one of our favorite local animal sanctuaries, Animal Acres.  We became fast friends and the rest as they say, is history.  I could go on and on about all the wonderful things Jessica does for others as an activist and volunteer but the list would be too long!  Just check out her blog Tree Kisser for all the details on her adventures in changing the world!  I will however happily gush on what an amazing friend she is to me and supporter of this project.  She even has the Love Infinitely symbol tattooed on her wrist!  I genuinely don’t know how this would be a reality or what I would do without her in my life.  I am blessed!


I have known Jen for 11 years and though she is not active on-line presence here, she is a very active member (and Board Member) of the Love Infinitely Project.  She was one of the first people to hear about my ‘brand new idea’ and has helped me with the development of it.  Not to mention an incredible supporter.  At the start of all this, she helped me with research and would send me links that helped shape the project.  A fellow high school dance teacher and kindred spirit, Jen is one of my greatest friends.


If there is any one girl who I trust to single-handedly save the world it’s Ciara.  The first official intern of the Love Infinitely Project and will be handling much of the LIP workload while I’m off running around the globe.  Like I said, I completely trust her.  (Maybe because I’ve been one of her teachers since she was about 9 years old...)  Only a high school Senior, Ciara is already is in the works to create her own organization using the arts as activism.  She’s a brilliant girl and a wonderful friend!


Noelle is another girl I trust to run the LIP!  My favorite thing about Noelle is that she always ready for and accepting of change.  She has a passion to help wherever needed and she has been an incredible help to me!  I’ve given her the official title, Director of Marketing and Development.  Without her, much of the cool features around this site would not exist.  We feed off each others creativity and she is already an invaluable member of the team!  To see how she is changing the world around her, check out Going Veg With Noelle.


Stephanie has one of the greatest adventurous spirits!  If you don’t already follow her blog, The Adventures of Soul Rebel, you should.  She recently gave up her old beach life for a huge cross-country trip ending with a Winter in Jackson Hole.  Documenting the trip along the way!  I believe that to change the world, we must begin with ourselves.  Stephanie is doing just that!  Spreading her joy and her passion for life is exactly what our world needs.  She’s lighting it on fire!

Liz, Ivy & Sydney

I know I always say this but I hope to someday be the incredible vegan mom that Liz is.  With her two beautiful girls, Ivy and Sydney, they are changing the way people (especially young people) perceive animals.  Activists in their community and beyond, they are working on a website that will tell teens and ‘tweens about animal rights issues.  The team of these three girls is going to change many minds and impact millions of lives!  I am so extremely proud to have all of them on my team!


Danielle is another one of my “kids” (students) who I am so lucky to now call a friend.  I first met her when she assisted one of my classes as a HS Sophomore.  Interested in my veg lifestyle, she went vegetarian not too long after.  Not only that but her and her twin sister both decided to join the Sea Shepherd Educational Outreach Team with me.  Their mom was awesome enough to let them come with me to Sea Shepherd events and we all share a love for rescuing our oceans.  She is also the very first person I ever told about this project.  I can’t wait to see what she does next!


Halley is the newest member of the team!  She emailed me just about a week ago and I was impressed with all of her international volunteer experience!  On her first trip to the Dominican Republic she was involved in a re-forestation project, helped build 3 houses, and volunteered at a local orphanage teaching English for 3 months. Her second trip she organized a big clothing drive in her home town.  She was able to ship 10 refrigerator boxes full of clothes and shoes to her home in the DR and spent another 8 months living there, and distributing the clothes.  She also started free English classes at her home for the community. And there was a THIRD trip after that where she created “Project Cow” to help a local family in need!  She now works at the Marine Mammal Stranding Center in Brigantine, NJ which is a rehabilitation center for injured or sick seals, dolphins, whales, and sea turtles.  She’s the education coördinator there.  Is your jaw on the floor yet?  And it gets better: she will be volunteering at the Elephant Nature Park this coming Fall.  Though she ends her service on Nov 13 and I begin mine on Nov 14 and won’t be at the sanctuary at the same time, we will get to hangout in Thailand together for a few days!  Synchronicity at it’s best no?

Talk about an awesome group of girls who are changing the world!  I am so incredibly lucky to have these amazing girls on my team.  I wouldn’t be able to do this without them.

I love them all!



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