Girls Who Are Changing The World

‘Girls Who Are Changing The World’ is a feature where we showcase an inspiring girl, either that we know or just admire, who is doing something amazing to change the world!  Each one of us contributors will get to take turns gushing over incredible ladies who deserve some major recognition for what they are doing.

Not only that but we’d like to hear from YOU!  Are you a girl changing the world or do you know someone who is?  Send the info our way, we’d love to learn more and showcase them! 

Send your nominations to:

Read about how this project came to be & the girl that inspired it: Ivy Collins.

Learn about the 1st girl we celebrated: Jen Saunders!

Meet our 2nd honoree: Ashley Owen Hill

Our 3rd girl changing the world: 14-year old superstar Clara Polito!

Meet TWO girls changing the world: Emily Richardson & Cari Pederson

Super mom, Nancy is our 6th girl changing the world!

Definitely one of my new heroes: Rebecca Morlock!

Meet my inspiring new BFF, founder of The Lotus Elephant Sanctuary, Kate Woolf.

Talk about an amazing group of girls changing the world: The LIP Team!

Beautiful artist and photographer, Karen Christensen of The Legacy Boutique.

Meet Ashley, world volunteer and cupcake maker extraordinaire!

The amazing Bethany Carney is our 12th girl changing the world!

Super awesome activist and photographer extraordinaire, Melissa Schwartz.

Empowering the young women of Pakistan and changing the world through her organization BLISS, Saba Gul!

Meet my best friend and inspiration, Jessica Schlueter!

Founder of the Love Infinitely Project, and the girl who brought us all together, Brenda Rodriguez!

Meet the inspiring and hard-working female staff of Animal Aid Unlimited!

The very 1st Girl Changing the World of 2012: Ciara McCann!

The fashion forward and eco-friendly sisters who started the online shop, Compassion Couture.

An update on our very first girl, Jen Saunders of Wild Sister Magazine.

Super vet and activist for animal rights, Erika Sullivan.

Founder of Volunteer Expeditions: Patti Vile

The absolutely amazing & inspiring founder of Not This Girl, Sarah Strong.

Meet the young founder of the organization Gifts From US, Katherine Layton!