Gratitude Monday


by Megan Thackray


It’s Gratitude Monday!

What are you grateful for today? What are you thankful for? Write it down. You can write down as few or as many things as you want. It can be anything from your family and friends, someone holding the door open for you today, your puppy waking you up with a kiss or getting an extra ten minutes of sleep this morning. Notice how many things you have to be grateful for. When you are grateful, you realize how much space you hold in your heart. A grateful mind is a loving mind.

If you’re having a bad start to the week or your day just isn’t going as planned, make your day better by making someone else’s day better. Send a nice text to a friend, buy coffee for the person behind you in line, smile at someone on the street or give up your seat on the bus. It’s amazing how one small act of kindness can make someone else’s day! Being the reason for someone’s smile will definitely make your day too.

Try it! Share the love. Live with gratitude and kindness.

When you live with gratitude, you inspire and ignite change.

What can you do today to inspire change within yourself and in others?


Megan ThackrayMegan Thackray is a university student currently majoring in Kinesiology. She is passionate about health and wellness, music, yoga, and the environment.  With an arm full of bracelets and a love of adventure, Megan strives to pursue positive change within her society through acts of love, love, love and endless gratitude.

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