A year ago this week, I soft opened the Love Infinitely Shop on Etsy to raise funds to start Love Infinitely Project. I posted a handful of items for pre-sale and set the official grand opening for Monday April 11th 2011, which we shall call our birthday. The first week of sales went beyond my expectations and kept me busy all spring break. I barely slept! The shop opened on the 11th, I added much more jewelry and soon after that, our famous shirts. From there, we caught the attention of a few amazing friends who were kind enough to give us some recognition via their websites. (Thank you Tricia Huffman and Gabby Bernstein!) We were also asked to sponsor some great fundraising events. (Thank you Andrew Keegan!)

It became a whirlwind of activity and gave me lots of work to keep me busy every day! Somehow at the same time I began raising my rescue kitten (who I got at 5 days old) who taught me what it really means to love infinitely. She’s our official mascot. I’m still not entirely sure how I did it or how we all survived…

Luckily, I began to meet the amazing friends who are now integral members of Love Infinitely. I also launched this site and was ready to tell the world what Love Infinitely Project was all about. To start the movement. Of course, the year ended with the outreach trip to Thailand and India.

Now we are nearly a full fledged 501 c3 non-profit organization and preparing to take on the world. We are working on developing every aspect of Love Infinitely and trying to get major funding so we can get on to doing the BIG things we have planned. My original vision has expanded so much farther than what is written in the details page and I couldn’t be more excited for our future.

Expect lots of fun features for our birthday month, new items in the shop, an updated donation page and even a new look coming to

I am so grateful to everyone who has supported us from the very beginning. We wouldn’t be here without all of you.

Thank you.



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The Love Infinitely Project is a movement to to spread love by encouraging people use their natural talents to give back. Support this 501 c3 non-profit by making a donation or by shopping at the Love Infinitely Shop. ♥∞


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