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When I was a little girl, my parents taught me that Valentine’s Day was a day where you celebrated everyone and everything that you loved.  I suppose, they were trying to include me into their Valentine’s Day, but that stuck with me and Valentine’s Day has always been my favorite holiday.  I’ve never understood people who see it as a holiday where their love can only be directed at one person.  I think that’s crazy.

If it is a day for love, then let’s celebrate everyone that we love!  Your best friends, your family, your pets, your teachers/students, etc.,  And celebrate everything that you love; cupcakes, yoga, technology, your couch, the beach…  All of itDeclare it to the world.  It will really make you feel grateful for all of the things in your life that you love.  That you are lucky enough to love.  Then let’s have that feeling of love and gratitude spill over into tomorrow and the next day and the next day.

This Valentine’s Day let us extend our love and compassion to all the beautiful and wonderful people, animals, places and things that we love.



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