Global Love Leaders

Global Love Leaders are the Love Infinitely Project’s task force.

They are putting the phrase “Give Love Create Change” into ACTION in their own communities. Our team of Global Love Leaders or GLLs are helping our campaigns and also owning their own local campaigns.

They are a leader!  They are out there BEING the message of love. Showing their community & the world what Love Infinitely IS. Showing what a powerful force the giving of love can be. They are that force.

Not just any leader though, a LOVE leader! Love is a virtue representing all kindness, compassion and affection. By putting this into action with petitions, leafleting, local events or whatever their passion is to change, it will have a snowball effect.

Sometimes people don’t realize that one person can make such a HUGE difference.  But you can! 

To be a Global Love Leader, email us at: or fill out the contact form below!