Start Something!

tumblr_static_palm_bluetintSUMMER OF INFINITE LOVE 2014

Our big campaign for summer is the “Start Something” campaign.

We want to encourage everyone to get out and start their own movement. Whatever your passion is, the cause closest to your heart, we want you to take that and run with it!

Love Infinitely is here to back you up and give you the tools to do so.

The steps are simple:

  • Follow your passion and choose your cause! Example: Cleaning up your local beach.
  • Is it local or global? Example: Local
  • Who do you want to get involved? Example: Your Beach City
  • What type of action do you want to take? Example: Raise awareness and doing beach clean-ups.
  • What is the desired outcome? Example: getting residents to take care of their beach and getting a cleaner coastline.
  • Answer these questions in the form below.
  • Click submit!
  • You can also send an email to:

If you can’t answer all those questions, that’s ok! Just choose your cause and we will go from there!

We will give you a project plan to take action and launch your campaign!

It could be as simple as creating an online petition or making a big impact by holding a fundraising or volunteer event. It’s time to get creative. Together we can begin changing the world!

This summer it’s time to get out into the world, get active and start something!

Create your own movement!