Kindred Spirit & Girl Changing the World: Kate Collins


This week we’re mixing things up by combining our Girls Who Are Changing the World series with the new Kindred Spirits series to feature L I P’s world changing friend, Kate Collins.  Kate volunteers at a Southern New Jersey animal shelter, rescues animals from perilous situations, and is a full time nursing student.  During spring break, she traveled Guatemala to build ovens for families in villages.  I’ve known Kate her whole life – she is caring, loving, selfless, and determined.  Nothing gets in her way, she won’t give up on any of the animals in the shelter, and you can count on her for anything.  Kate is going places and on her way she’s making this world a better place. I love you Kate, thanks for being an awesome, world changing, rock star cousin and for all your support of the Love Infinitely Project!


Meet Kate:

  • How did you first hear about Love Infinitely Project?

I first heard about L I P from my cousin, Noelle Bobo. When she first told me about it she couldn’t say enough awesome things about L I P and Brenda. So of course I immediately went on the website and found out as much as I could about it and I was instantly drawn to the project. (How could anyone not be!)

  • What drew you to the project?

Volunteering and spreading love! How could I not be drawn to two of my favorite things?! And on top of that Brenda makes amazing jewelry that has me continuously checking her website for new pieces!

  • What are some causes that you are most passionate about?

Two and a half years ago I began volunteering at a local animal shelter and since that first day I have become exceptionally passionate about pit bulls. They are completely misunderstood because the media has put this idea into the public’s’ head that pit bulls are vicious, dangerous, and unpredictable…and people simply believe it, people who have never encountered a pit bull in their entire life. Does that seem fair to you? No. So I have made it my goal to educate as many people as possible about the truth – that pit bulls are in actuality the most loving and loyal breed of dog that I have ever encountered. Ashley Owen Hill basically put my feelings into words perfectly with her post on her blog – . So I would have to say that I am most passionate about dogs, although there are other organizations and causes that I completely love as well: TOMS Shoes, Sea Shepherd, and No Kid Hungry. I continuously find more organizations that I love…I guess I just want to help everyone and everything!

  • If LIP funded a trip for you, where would you like to go and why?

Well of course after reading all of the posts on the L I P website about Elephant Nature Park and Animal Aid I decided I need to visit both at least once (but hopefully many times!) in my life. Other than those I think the next place I would like to go is Africa. There’s just something about the people and animals there that seems to draw me towards it. Doing some type of nutrition education and/or HIV/AIDS prevention and education would be so helpful for the people in Africa, and it would save lives!


Follow our amazing friend Kate on Twitter: @KateColllins


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