L I P in the Classroom Report #1: Ivy Collins


We got our first report for our Love Infinitely in the classroom  project from high school freshman, Ivy Collins.  So excited to share her story with you:

So I recently read Brenda’s fabulous post about moving Love Infinitely into schools and I LOVE the idea. My absolute best friend, Katey supports all of my views about animal rights and the immediate need to do something for our furry & feathered friends. So together, we’ve been working to start a club specifically just for that.

So, starting next fall, we plan to have the school club fully ready to get on it’s feet and start making a difference. Our club’s mission is to inform others of animal cruelty and what we can do to spread the word all around us and put a stop to whatever we can. During our meetings we plan to have club members come up with ideas to help spread awareness. One of my favorite ideas we’ve come up with so far is a vegan bake sale! When the club gets going, we can often have a time where members of the club will research vegan recipes or even make their own to bake/make and sell to raise money for organizations like the ASPCA, animal sanctuaries, etc.

Another idea we’ve come up with is a vegan car wash, where we’ll use cruelty free soap. Also, we wanted to start a petition for Meatless Monday in our school cafeteria! What a huge difference that would make!
We want this club to make a major impact in our school. We’re going to get our peers, their peers, and so on, to recognize the simple things THEY can do to help out and change the world. We hope to influence, inform, and inspire those around us. If we can make a difference, anyone can.

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