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“The greatest crime against humanity is playing small with your life.”

About a week ago we found out about an incredible documentary project, Maji Zuwa.

“Maji Zuwa (which means water and sun) is a guest lodge on the beach of Lake Malawi. It’s a hotel where travelers spend part of their vacations doing volunteer service in the village. Sometimes they’re helping to build a school or assist in a medical clinic or connect buildings with electricity. Other times they’re working with children in school or bringing food to orphans or helping widowed women get back on their feet and rise up out of the bottom levels of poverty. 

But Maji Zuwa is more than just a small hotel. Maji Zuwa is a sanctuary for several orphan children who otherwise would have no home. It’s a place where they can learn and grow and dream. In fact, some of the teenagers who live at Maji Zuwa helped build it. 

Maji Zuwa is also a gathering place for a community where most of the people live on less than $2 a day.”

The documentary is being directed by LA filmmaker Ben Blair, who will be heading to Malawi for a year to bring awareness to Maji Zuwa.  The film will focus on the work of an amazing human being named, Matt Maroon.

“When Matt was in college he spent some time doing service in Malawi. But when it was time for Matt to come back to Ohio, he couldn’t. There was too much work to be done, and too many people who needed help. So, Matt stayed.

Matt came up with the idea for the guest lodge and economic center that would generate revenue to support projects in the community. Maji Zuwa is that place where Matt works hand in hand with the people in his village to make a difference and give hope that better times are ahead.”

Maji Zuwa is a hotel where people can volunteer and vacation at the same time.  The hotel also doubles as an orphanage, being home to some 15-20 children.

In addition to running the hotel and teaching at a local University, Matt also started his own non-profit, Determined to Develop.  Ben’s dream is to make a film that will showcase Maji Zuwai and the local community Matt works with every day.  So he’s headed to Chilumba, Malawi.

“I’m going to spend the next YEAR living at Maji Zuwa with Matt, travelers and orphan teenagers, documenting their stories. When I’m done, we’ll have an amazing film that brings awareness and assistance to Matt, his non-profit Determined to Develop, Maji Zuwa and the people of Malawi.”

In conjunction with Fractured Atlas and IndieGoGo, Ben is raising the funds to make this project happen.  You can support financially (you get cool gifts!) or by helping spread the word.

We LOVE this project because it exemplifies everything Love Infinitely Project stands for; using your natural talents to change the world.  So naturally we want to do everything to help.

Watch the video, be inspired and let’s get to work.

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