New Fundraising Pages


There are several new ways to donate to Love Infinitely’s ‘Fall Into Adventure’!

(For full details, click here!!)

There is our fancy new WePay donation site where you receive a gift for every donation!  Receive great stuff like:  jewelry, shirts, hoodies & gift certificates!

Donate with WePay

If you are a Facebook addict, check out our FundRazr Page on FB here:

And of course, there is the OFFICIAL donation page here:

The money raised goes to support some incredible organizations including the Love Infinitely Project!

Infinite Love & Gratitude to you!



The Love Infinitely Project is a movement to to spread love by encouraging people use their natural talents to give back. Support this 501 c3 non-profit by making a donation or by shopping at the Love Infinitely Shop. ♥∞

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