New Year, New Directions & Changes (Part 2)


“Let yourself be silently drawn by the strange pull of what you really love. It will not lead you astray.”


It’s been a month since I’ve been home and I used the time to decompress and organize my thoughts from the adventure.  I also needed a lot of rest and lots of nutrition!  I’m feeling good, healthy and in a much more peaceful state of mind.  Getting to work in the Love Infinitely Shop and allowing myself to be creative in other ways (see above) has really helped me become centered and present once again.

I’m now ready to roll out a big plan on how to help Animal Aid and will do so in a few days.  I have also released some new pieces in the shop inspired by the great work some of my favorite organizations are doing.  If you haven’t heard about Fur Free LA and their anti-fur campaign, please head straight over to their blog after this one!  Their dedication to ending the fur trade is inspirational!  I am so proud to call the two lovely ladies (Amy Rebecca & Jessica) my friends.  Compassion is the Fashion.

Follow them on Twitter: @FurFreeLA

The next is dedicated to all the dolphins who are slaughtered and enslaved on a daily basis around the world.  As an educational outreach volunteer for Sea Shepherd in LA, I know this necklace would make for a great conversation starter on the dolphin trade.  Both necklaces are in the shop now!  More coming soon too; brand new intention necklaces and even some art prints with proceeds going to a very special organization!

As for Love Infinitely Project, I’ve been receiving so many emails from people who want to know more about volunteering abroad!  I get so excited being able to share my knowledge with you!  I feel like it’s absolutely 100% my life’s purpose to be doing THIS!  So even though, we may not have the funds to be sending people out just yet, I am here with the information and encouragement!  I am here to help anyone organize their trip; from questions about visas, accommodations, transportation, booking flights, contacting volunteer coordinators, filling out applications, etc.,  Send all your questions and/or concerns this way! 

So for now, LIP will be dedicated to helping anyone who needs it in any way that we can.  We will even help you fund-raise for your trip.  If you are driven to go somewhere and volunteer, we want to make sure you get there.  We will slowly (as money rolls in) start to fund at least partial trips.  I am also working on TWO group trips for this year!  Details coming soon.  In the meantime, keep sending us your questions:

Love Infinitely Project is up and running.



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