New Year, New Ways to Change the World: Going Vegan


happy new year!

The New Year always brings new hopes.  Renews our energy and gets us ready to take on new goals! For the next few weeks we want to hear from you and your plans for changing the world this year!

We will also be giving out prizes to a few of you who are taking big steps toward making our world a better place.  (Ooh incentives!)

This week we want to hear from our vegan friends.  We want to know how going vegan has changed your outlook on the world and how it is changing the world around you & beyond.  Let us know and you could win this awesome prize package:

Grand Prize!

The package includes: One of our vegan elephant tees or tanks in the color and style of your choice, one of our vegan necklaces, a DVD of the incredible documentary, Forks Over Knives, The Sexy Vegan Cookbook, some Go Max Go candy bars and a 1-year subscription to VegNews Magazine all stuffed inside one of our awesome Love Infinitely tote bags!

All you have to do is leave us a comment here with your story OR email us:

The winner will be chosen and contacted on Friday Feb. 1st! For our non-vegan friends, we will have another brand new contest next week!

Thank you and good luck!


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  • When I went vegan 5 years go, I was depressed, in bad physical condition and constantly weightened by guilt from eating flesh, eggs and dairy. I decided overnight, and started my transition with a 2 week long detox.
    A month into my new diet and frame of mind I already slept better, felt happier and, as an effect, my body felt better.

    Becoming vegan has changed everything – from the way I live, to the way I view the Earth and all her inhabitants. We are all equal. We all come from the same source (the womb). We all feel. We are all Life.

    Over the years, I have seen friends and family open their eyes and hearts. Some have made their transition to veganism, others are on their way or have at least cut a whole lot of animal products out of their lives.
    Nothing brings more happiness to me than a call, an email or direct question about which products to buy, what not to use and, as food is my passion – how to cook vegan. I have chosen the way of informing through good food and it works as an opener.
    2 years ago I decided to make this my mission in life and graduated as a health coach, specializing in vegan food and nutrition. I have started my own business through which I hold cooking classes, seminars on vegan food. I also offer complete health programs with coaching to those who wish to make their transition or “just” eat more compassionate food and combine it with exercise.

    In Sweden, where I live, veganism is growing stronger each day. It makes me happy and proud to be part of educating the world about the compassionate ways of being vegan which, in a way, is simply loving the world.

    Thank you for all that you are doing!
    Love t.

  • “It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are.” – ee cummings

    I won’t ever forget the first time I realized that something had to die in order for me to have a hamburger. I was seven years old, at a pool party, and someone mentioned that we were eating “Bambi burgers”. I was horrified. Throughout childhood I battled with my family over my desire to be vegetarian vs. their concerns that I would have a protein deficiency. I went vegetarian in college, when the choice was mine, and vegan a few years ago. I find great joy in sharing with my family all the many ways to get plenty of plant based protein!

    Being vegan has empowered me to be conscious in all areas of my life. I am more conscious of how I treat others, from my children, to store clerks, to the displaced people in my city. Because I value the lives of non human animals, it has made me more aware of the people around me, and enables me to imagine their world view. I am more conscious of what I purchase, and from whom. I question the ethics of companies I give money to, from ethical farming to recyclable packaging. It is all relative.

    My husband grew up hunting, and in a cattle farming family. He also has a rare medical condition, which if combined with high cholesterol levels could be lethal. For years it was my hope and prayer that he would adopt a vegan lifestyle. Next month marks his one year vegeversary! Since going vegan he has lost over 65 pounds, has began bicycling to work, and gained confidence to try new hobbies. Together, we are raising our sons to be aware of how their choices affect others, to live their truths, and make the world a better place. It isn’t a grand impact, but I believe that my brand of impact is at the heart of veganism. If ordinary people can find the courage to stand for their values, they might just inspire the people around them to do the same.

  • While vegetarian for 4 years, I had found a way to continue to eat processed foods and make excuses for an unhealthy lifestyle. After about a year of listening to Colleen Patrick-Goudreau’s podcast, Food for Thought, I finally had run out of excuses and had to get real with myself. At 5’7, I tipped the scales at my heaviest weight, 174 pounds and was sluggish, tired all the time, and suffered deeply from depression. When I made the decision to go vegan, that was the push I needed to change my life. I immediately bagged up anything in my kitchen that contained animal products and either threw it out or gave it to neighbors. I started yoga again on a daily basis and got off the couch and back outside. I finally enjoyed hiking again and my skin was clear and vibrant. My energy levels had never been higher and most importantly, I had tapped into a level of consciousness I didnt know existed within myself. It wasnt until my committment to veganism that I could truly understand the true value of life. Not just human life, but ALL life. Within six months, I had lost 70 pounds, relearned how to cook delicious new foods and gained a new appreciation for the bounty the Earth provides. Veganism literally saved my life, and even better than that, I lived as an example for those around me and now, my mother, grandfather, and two close friends have also become vegan as well. Changing to a vegan diet was one of the most rewarding and powerful decisions I’ve ever made.

  • A couple years back, I decided I’d be a vegetarian when I grew up. I never really gave much thought to where my food came from, because I decided it was too hard to live without meat. In 10th grade, my best friend became a vegetarian, and it didn’t really affect me. Then in English, we had to write a persuasive essay on factory farming. I watched videos on YouTube, and decided all of a sudden that veganism was the right choice. I was vegetarian for 6 months, then in August, my best friend and I both became vegan. I guess being vegan has showed me that I have control over my own life and I shouldn’t do something just because it’s easier. I should do something because it’s right. My family doesn’t really understand where I’m coming from since they’re taught that “God made animals for us to eat.” In a way, not being part of a specific religion helped me, because I used my own brain to decide what was right instead of what someone else told me. When I grow up, I’m thinking of starting my own vegan restaurant, seeing as how inspired I am by all the vegan chefs on Instagram. Thanks, bye. (:

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