Social Media and Activism


It seems hard to ignore the overwhelming presence of social media.

This fun, new, and exciting virtual realm in which we can explore while staying in the comforts of our own homes. More importantly however social media brings people together. One in every nine people uses Facebook. That’s 750 million users worldwide, with more that 2.5 million websites integrating with Facebook. YouTube has 490 million users to its name, with 92 billion pages views a month. Twitter also handles roughly 190 million tweets a day. Take just a second to digest those numbers.

It is amazing to me how the world now is at a state of constant collaboration. Now, we have the incredible capability to interact with other people and cultures rather effortlessly. It has also given the opportunity for individuals to find their voice. Giving anyone the power to lend their voice to something of importance. Ultimately bringing this planet together in one exciting global conversation. But what do we talk about? Celebrity gossip? Politics? The weather? Now is the time to use social media to our advantage. To use this medium as a tool for change. As a way to lend our voices to a community of billions of people, and to ensure that our voices are heard.

The recent Kony 2012 viral phenomenon is an excellent example of a positive collective effort for change, through social media. A beautifully composed short documentary explaining the situation and how we can help. It was shocking for some, sad to most, but inspiring to all that took the time to watch the film. However the outcome was so much more than anticipated.  #Kony2012 consumed Twitter, being the number one topic of discussion, and remained a worldwide trending topic many days after.

Jason Russell and the mission of Invisible Children is now at the forefront of popular culture. Mobilizing millions of people through the means of social media and inspiring them to speak up whenever possible. The Kony 2012 documentary did an amazing job of informing people of their importance. How each and every person has the potential to make a difference. It is evident everywhere you look, that people are beginning to realize their ability to ignite change. Social media websites are now the place to be heard, and should be used to the best of their abilities.

“This is about human beings waking up to the potential and power that they have…”

-Jason Russell, Invisible Children.


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