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This week’s “Girl Who Is Changing the World” is Clara Polito.  To most of us, owning and operating a vegan baking company (Clara’s Cakes), being a full-time student, participating regularly in animal activism, running a music/animal-rights/fashion blog (Clara in Veganland), and still having time to walk the dog might seem daunting- but it’s no problem for 14-year-old superstar Clara.

Clara, whose vegan delicacies have been photographed and raved about by LA’s most notorious vegan blogger, QuarryGirl, started her company a year and a half ago, shortly after going vegan at age 12.  Since then, she has provided her incredible desserts for concerts, web series launch parties, charity bake sales, and farm animal sanctuary holiday celebrations, and has been featured in articles & interviews for Girls Life Magazine, The Elephant Journal,, Peta2, and Huggerfood.  Most recently, her phenomenally addictive ‘gobs’ have been added to the weekly home delivery service run by one of Los Angeles’ most renowned gourmet vegan restaurants, Madeleine Bistro. Not bad for a young lady who has yet to commence high school!

Well, when you bite into a delicious, fluffy, moist cupcake with some crème filling inside you get this moment of joy. Especially when you realize it’s completely animal product-free. So if most vegan food tastes that yummy then why not go vegan?”

– from Clara’s interview with The Elephant Journal

Clara truly believes in the power of decadent vegan food to change hearts, influence opinions, and ultimately relieve some animal suffering, but her world-saving doesn’t stop in the kitchen.  She regularly participates in protests against animal cruelty (I’ve proudly marched alongside her in Beverly Hills’ annual Black Friday fur protest), attends & promotes animal-rights-related film premieres (for movies like Bold Native and Skin Trade), and spreads the vegan truth in her blog.

Clara Rocks!Suffice to say- this girl isn’t messing around.  She doesn’t stop at rescuing animals, either- she also wants to empower women.  She recently published an extremely well written piece about rampant sexism in television commercials.  Her message to her female peers:

“I guess my point is to tell girls that they don’t have to have a family, or make a perfect dinner or wear a bikini and wiggle on a car (unless you want to later on!). You don’t have to work for the man. You do what makes you feel empowered and happy.”

I personally cannot wait to see what else Clara has in store for the world.  At 14, Clara already has more poise, confidence, ambition, and eloquence than many people ten years her senior.  Though she is sure to be busy after starting high school in the coming weeks, hit her up with an order if you’ve got a vegan sweet tooth that needs satisfying!

(photo by Schwartz Studios)

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~ Jessica

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