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by Rachel Braman

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I am proud to say that volunteerism runs in the family and that I can dedicate this post to my younger sister Madison.  Madison is a fourteen-year-old high school freshman who has a heart of gold.  When she isn’t on the golf course playing in international tournaments, you can probably find Madison sitting in a Starbucks chit-chatting with friends.  When you meet her, I can pretty much guarantee that one of the first things you will realize (well, besides how tall and beautiful she is) is what a great head she has on her shoulders.  (more…)

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The last few weeks we ran a photo contest via our FB, Twitter and Instagram: to let people show us what love infinitely looks like to them. We received so many beautiful entries from all over the world! We even received a drawing! It certainly was a tough choice to chose the winners. The judges were not unanimous but we are finally ready to reveal our three winners!


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Having just finished Week 2 volunteering at Animal Aid Unlimited in Udaipur, Rajasthan (India) I am completely in awe of the incredible staff that runs this amazing hospital and sanctuary.  Though the ENTIRE staff should (and will) be recognized for their beautiful work, the women of Animal Aid are this week’s Girls Who Are Changing The World.

Erika Abrams founded Animal Aid with her husband Jim about 15 years ago.  They moved to a small village close to Udaipur from Seattle to create a haven for the un-owned street animals of India.  Though neither of them had veterinary experience, they had a love of animals and a passion to help them.  Along with their daughter Claire, they settled here and haven’t looked back.

“As they deepened roots and their understanding of how things work here, they learned that in most cities in India there are no hospitals or shelters for un-owned animals. The government veterinary facilities are aimed toward milk production and animal farming.”

Claire spoke fairly good Hindi by the time she was 10 and has been an ambassador for animals in schools throughout the area.  She began doing slideshows at the age of 15, giving presentations to inform kids what Animal Aid does and why their work is so important.  She also conducts vegan outreach activities in the community.  I like to watch her with the animals.  She gives unconditional love to every one.

Claire giving love to Octopus, a deformed & handicapped dog.

Trudy is the Volunteer Coordinator.  She’s basically my boss and one of the coolest chicks you will ever meet!  She gives tours to visiting groups and assigns the volunteers their jobs.  She knows the place inside and out.  She also has a huge passion for animals like I have never seen.  It is a pleasure to get to work with her every day!

*Photo by Erika Sidor

Then there is the female staff of Animal Aid: Radha, Dhapu, Manju & Kamla.  Each of them has their specialty.  Radha and Dhapu are in charge of pups.  I’m positive that the puppies think Dhapu is their momma the way they follow her around and cry when she leaves their sight for a second! Manju is the woman in charge of cleaning and let me tell you with the 100+ animals at the hospital, it’s a NON-STOP job!

Then there is Kamla who is probably my favorite person in the world!  You only have to be in her presence for a minute before you know that she is someone extraordinary.  Kamla’s main job is physical therapy and massage for the handicapped dogs.  She has gotten many of the paralyzed dogs gain more mobility with her healing ways.  Not only that, but there are at least 2 dogs that have made a full recovery thanks to her.  She is magical.  And probably one of the most joyous people you will ever meet!

Last but not least, there are the female volunteers of Animal Aid.  In my 2 weeks, there have been quite a few people who have come through to spend time helping the hospital.  99% of them girls!  Some come for a day or 2 and some come for weeks/months at a time.  Julie O’Neill has been coming to Animal Aid for 6 years.  The first time she came, she only planned on a week and stayed for a year!  Since then she’s been coming for several months at a time, living in a nearby village and spending every day working at the hospital.  Her dedication to helping the world is inspiring!  Julie definitely deserves her own GCTW post one day highlighting her amazing adventures in volunteering all over the world!

All the women of Animal Aid go above and beyond to help animals in need on a daily basis.  I am completely honored to get to be in their divine presence every day.  Thank you all so much for inspiring me and making me a better person!



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