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The floods in Thailand have been severe and volunteers at the Elephant Nature Park have assisted with the rescue of animals affected by the floods.  Here is a message sent today by the Founder of the ELP, Lek:

Dear All friends and supporters

This is the first time since Thursday that I have had the chance to send a message.

Our team finished work very late yesterday and some days we could not get finished until 3am. The situation is worse and we have to work quickly trying to save as many animals as we can each day. We see more animals drowned by the floods.

Today it is easier to move and we received help from the Wild life fund Thailand. They let us borrow their motor boat to carry the animals and we can get help to more of them each day.

Any one who needs to contact me today, please leave you text message or contact me at my staff office, I can’t take any phone call while we work at the rescue areas but I will get back as soon when I come out of the water.

Thanks for all volunteer who work hard and restless work that has saved hundreds of helpless animals.


The park itself is fine as they have a strong river wall that protects the park and its inhabitants.  However, they have made several trips down to the Bangkok area to help as much as they possibly can.  As Lek writes in a post from a few days ago:

It was horrible to see so many dogs and cats drowned from flooding; some of them were left inside submerged cars; some of them died in their cages. We manage to release so many dogs and cats from their homes where they had been abandoned.

Many suffering animals went on top of the roofs and we brought food for them. We released so many birds from their cages and I am so happy about that, but the poor dogs and cats were so traumatized that some of them went into shock and could not breath; some were in critically poor condition and lung problems along with pneumonia was common.

During evacuations, the government did not allow residents to take their pets with them on the boats and so many of them were left in a rush.  Not just pets but all the animals that live in the area have been affected; cows, pigs, monkeys, elephants, crocodiles and more.  All of them in need of dry land and food.


I feel like the Universe has been preparing me for this upcoming trip.  In the past few weeks I’ve experienced an extreme number of animal rescues and horrific deaths.  It seemed just last week that I couldn’t go 2 days without an animal dying in my arms.  There have been dogs that I’ve watched be hit by cars (one of them was VERY pregnant and we didn’t catch who purposely hit her with their SUV) to some of our own rescues here that didn’t make it.  From new babies to old friends, both here at my parent’s animal rescue center, to the streets of San Francisco, Bakersfield and Los Angeles, I have been tested to see how well I can handle tragedy.  I’ve cried a lot.  (A lot.)  But I feel ready to go to Thailand and help with the rescue efforts.

I know that what I’ve experienced here in the last few weeks won’t compare to what I will see and experience in Thailand and I’m ready for that, but if I can help in the rescue of even one creature, I know I have succeeded.

3 more days.

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“Kindness in words creates confidence. Kindness in thinking creates profoundness. Kindness in giving creates love.”
~Lao Tzu

My 33rd birthday is in exactly 2 weeks (11-17) and I could not be more excited for the way I will be celebrating my day this year, volunteering with elephants at the Elephant Nature Park in Chiang Mai, Thailand.  Last year on my birthday I had just come off my adventure in India with VegNews Magazine and didn’t do much on my special day besides teach and go to yoga.  Even though my day was lovely I knew I never wanted to spend another birthday not being of service to others.

So this year, for my birthday instead of birthday presents or the always awesome gift card I would LOVE a donation to the Love Infinitely Project!  Even the smallest donation will make a big impact!  The funds will be going to some really incredible organizations like, Animal Aid Unlimited and the Viengping Children’s Home.  It’ll be my birthday present but thanks to our new donation site We Pay, you get a present too!**

Check it out:

Pretty cool right?!  And for the big donors:

It’s a winning situation for everyone!  And with exactly 6 days until departure, I am ready to bring our donations from 15% of our goal to 150%!

Even a small donation can make a big impact!  Help make my birthday wish come true!

Infinite love and thanks!


~B, the Birthday Girl

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**Love Infinitely presents will be sent out to donors upon my return from the adventure when the Love Infinitely Shop will be back up and running with a bunch of amazing new stuff for the New Year!

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The Fall into Adventure trip (details here) is just 13 days away from it’s take-off and I wanted to fill everyone in on some updates!

First, I will be lucky enough to land in Chiang Mai on 11-11-11, just in time for the Loy Krathong Festival.  That is the tradition when they let all the paper lanterns in the sky and the river and then Friday they have a huge festival/parade down the Ping River.  I will be double lucky as the lovely Halley will meeting up with me so we can experience the festival in Chiang Mai together.  She will be coming off of her adventure at the Elephant Nature Park and I begin my service on November 14th.

Speaking of Chiang Mai, I have been keeping up with the floods happening in Thailand and it has not affected Chiang Mai.  The flooding has hit Bangkok pretty hard but the airport is still running on schedule.  I will continue to watch the floods as monsoon season comes to a close and my arrival gets closer.

The next update comes from Udaipur and our friends at Animal Aid.  So, far we are planning to go do some educational outreach in schools though still working on getting in the hospital.  We’re going to start in the local schools when I get there and go from there.  Wish us luck!

We also have some new ways to donate.  The newest is the We Pay site in which you can grab some really cool Love Infinitely goodies.  (Shirts, jewelry & hoodies!)  Even the smallest donation of $10 gets you a ‘life is an adventure‘ necklace!  This donation site will be up through the duration of the trip.  There is also the  Facebook app FundRazr in which you can donate through and of course on our main donation webpage,

The Love Infinitely Shop will be taking a hiatus during the trip and will only be available for pre-sales to be delivered in the new year.  However, there is still time to grab some goodies just in time for the holidays.  And it’s on sale!  Head over to the shop and at check-out use the code: ADVENTURE for 15% your purchase, but hurry as there are only 5 days left to so!

Infinite love & gratitude to everyone for your continued support & donations!

I will continue to keep you posted…



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