The Need for Loving Infinitely and Selflessly


by Rachel Braman

I was recently having a heart-to-heart with my step mom (a.k.a. A “Starbucks date” as we like to have these conversations over a Cool Lime Refresher and Pumpkin Spice Latte) when she made a comment that really stuck with me. She said, “Rachel you always love infinitely and selflessly no matter what.” At first I almost shrugged this off because I tend to think that I’m not good enough or doing enough.

Well, later on that night when I was by myself this comment kept popping up in my mind. I started to think about what she said and what it meant. What it meant to love infinitely and selflessly, and whether that is a quality I possess – whether it was a quality anyone could possess.

After dwelling on it and scribbling in my journal, I came up with the realization that loving infinitely and loving selflessly is not something that one does purposely, nor does it have just one meaning.

Loving infinitely and loving selflessly is…

  • Texting someone with stories about your day, even after they have truly hurt your feelings.
  • Responding to a not so nice e-mail with a polite answer, instead of the true feelings you possess.
  • Paying for dresses for your bridesmaids because you want them to feel, not just look, beautiful.
  • Always believing the best in others, even when they have given you every reason not to.
  • Doing volunteer and charity work.
  • Paying for a friend’s EZ Pass without being asked.
  • Treating someone to Starbucks after they have had a bad day.
  • Supporting friends and family in everything they do, no matter whether you agree with their decisions or not.
  • Racking up thousands of dollars in over mileage just to visit your girlfriend because she says she misses you.
  • Giving your leftovers to the homeless.
  • Creating a non-profit to help fund volunteerism around the world.

Loving infinitely and loving selflessly is how humans should act instinctively. When you love someone, you do everything you can to make him or her happy. You want their happiness before you want your own.  You want to make the world a better place – not just for you or your friends, but also for strangers – and you never think twice before helping others.

Loving infinitely and loving selflessly is where making a change starts. In order for us to make a difference in the world we need to love others and the world around us, infinitely and selflessly.


Be the change.



Rachel Braman

Rachel Braman

Rachel is a 27-year-old law student from Upstate New York who was born with the desire to help others. After receiving a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and an Associate’s degree in Paralegal Studies, Rachel headed off to law school in order to provide herself with the ability to help others in a way that they cannot help themselves. Whether she is acting out her position as Project Director of Albany Law School’s Anti-Human Trafficking Pro Bono Project or simply listening to someone’s story, her heart is open.  When she is not at school studying about the rules of evidence or the rights of the child, she enjoys going camping with her fiancé Brennan and rambunctious Yorkie, Chip. Follow Rachel on Twitter and Instagram: @RachelBraman 

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