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Last year, I set out to give a gift/donation/time to a person(s)/organization daily for the 365 days and shared all the fun, love and adventures that ensued on my blog.  Which you can find here.

My favorite thing to do is give.  I’ve now based my entire life on it.  My non-profit that is currently in the works, is a movement to spread love all over the world by letting people use their natural talents to give to the world.

The Love Infinitely Project!  A result of my year in giving.

This blog will be where the adventures continue.

However, I won’t be only one sharing my adventures in spreading love, but this will be a place where others will get to so as well.  A collective of like-minded people sharing their dreams, loves, activism and how they are spreading the message of loving infinitely in their communities.  We are building our tribe and changing the world.  All the while changing ourselves in the process.

While I am getting ready for the launch of the official Love Infinitely Project website, this will serve as blog for myself and others to share what they’re up to.  You’ll get the latest news on my progress and learn about others who are out there making a difference as well.

If you want to be a part of the collective, email your story to:!

Welcome to the official Love Infinitely blog!



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The Love Infinitely Project is a movement to to spread love by encouraging people use their natural talents to give back. Support this 501 c3 non-profit by making a donation or by shopping at the Love Infinitely Shop. ♥∞

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