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I created the love infinitely symbol in spring of 2009.  I was reading Rob Brezsney’s book, Pronoia.  The book is a wacky, spiritual work-book with a bunch of activities in it.  You are encouraged to write all over your book.   So I did.  Even on the pages that didn’t have an activity, I was still writing and doodling all over them.

I don’t remember anymore if it was an actual assignment from the book, but I gave myself the challenge of coming up with the new peace sign.  Not that there is anything wrong with the old peace sign.  Just thought it was time for an update.  So, all over pages 32 and 33 I started doodling, an infinity logo with a heart in it.  There are about 18 attempts.  Some have the heart at the center, some have it just off to the side and some even tried to incorporate the sun into it.  (Those got X-ed out!)  Then there is the logo you see today, circled with a check mark next to it.

I have to add, that on page 32, the first paragraph is this:

“I have a dream that in the New World, there will be a new Bill of Rights.  The first amendment will be, ‘Your daily wage is directly tied to how much beauty and truth and love you provide.'”

I suppose someday I’ll have to find Rob and thank him personally for the book that inspired me to create the symbol.  Though for a very long time it was just something that was personal to me.  I got it tattooed on my birthday of that year and it has been my signature ever since.

People often ask me what the symbol means and quite honestly, it has a million different meanings to me.  But I guess the most basic answer is it means the love you put out you get back.  It may take some time and come back in a different form, but it always comes back.  What you put out into the Universe will come back to you.  Which shows that giving and receiving are the same.

There are more meanings like, love is infinite.  You can keep giving love away and it never diminishes.  To me it’s also a very simple physics equation.  The answer to the TOE, Theory of Everything  (If you know me, you know I LOVE science!)  It has to do with quantum mechanics and classical physics co-existing or rather how they were never meant to.

Mix the ‘love is infinite’ meaning with the scientific theory and you get my view on the Universe.  That what creates it, is love.  At the center of everything, the power behind all of creation, is love.  Love is all there is.  Love is all that we are.  Where we came from and where we go back to.   The answer to every question.  Even scientific ones.



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  • This is a very beautiful symbol. I love the story behind it. But before I read the story I wanted to use this for a tattoo on my wrist. To me I find it would symbolize what I have said many times…we don’t make wrong choices only different ones because you eventually wind up in the right place because of love. I would also add a lady bug (love bug) at the tip of heart to show the choices being made. Just thought you might like to know how your art impressed me and the impression it made on me. Thank you sharing and God Bless!

  • Such a beautiful symbol. Do you mind if I borrow this for the tattoo I am getting? I want to add my kids names so it wont be exact. Thank you

  • Was looking for ideas for a tattoo for me and my sister to have, and came across this and love it. I’m designing the tattoo for us both to have, so would incorporate the word sister in it somehow, is that okay?

  • mg im extremely elated to find this article, because ive been thinking about a tattoo that I want and that symbolizes the struggles I have(and others) have gone through but made it through..i would to get this tattooed with the words “God’s love” intertwined. because its a reminder to love myself and other’s the way he never stops loving me… So in a big nutshell, Thank You for this :)

  • Having this done tomorrow for me and my mom. Its beautiful

  • I have been looking for something to symbolise infinite love. My sister and I were going to get the words faith hope love tattooed on our wrist for each other. There wasn’t anything we did apart…. Then she died with mum and dad in the same year. I’ve wanted to get it done but can’t be reminded she is not here. I’m now excited because our live has no end…. Thankyou as I feel I’ve just got through a massive hurdle.

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