What does it mean to love infinitely?


To love infinitely. What does that really mean? To love infinitely and unconditionally. Most people will answer that it means to love others, to respect & care for the world we live in & to give love to everyone we meet. But there is one big thing that is missing from this description. We have to remember to love ourselves unconditionally.

Once we come to truly love & appreciate ourselves, we are able to give so much more to others. Once we love ourselves, we open up so much space in our hearts to receive love & our capacity to give love grows so much bigger.

A lot of people think that the concept of loving yourself unconditionally is a bit confusing. This is how I like to think of it. Think of someone that you love unconditionally. It could be a parent, a sibling, a significant other, a friend… just about anyone you want it to be. Now let’s say that this person made a mistake or messed up. Would you be hard on them? No, of course not! You would probably tell them that it’s okay to make mistakes & to mess up. You would probably convince them that even though they fell down, they can get right back on the horse if they want to!

We have no problem loving others unconditionally, but when it comes to ourselves it’s usually a different story. We make a mistake, we blow it out of proportion & we blame ourselves for messing up. We are usually way too hard on ourselves. Why do we do this? Why don’t we love ourselves unconditionally?

Most people can always find some reason or another not to fall in love with themselves. They want to lose weight, they think they don’t deserve to have the universe give them everything they want, they don’t think they make enough money,  they haven’t found a significant other, they don’t think they are attractive enough… the list could be endless if we wanted it to be. If you look for faults, you will find faults.

The key to loving yourself is to accept yourself and to let go of negative thoughts. Focus on all of your amazing qualities. All you have to do is change your attitude. If you focus on all the things you love about yourself, instead of all the things that you want to change about yourself, your world will be transformed.

Instead of standing in the way of your own sunlight, embrace what makes you unique, what makes you… you! You are like no other person on the planet. You are your own definition of awesome. You are vibrant. You have a unique set of gifts & talents that only you can offer the world. You have the capacity to love others & to love yourself infinitely. All you have to do is choose to love yourself.

Be grateful for the gift that is you.

~Megan Thackray


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