What does the Love Infinitely Project mean to you?


by Rachel Braman

A question I get all the time when discussing the Love Infinitely Project with others is, “What does the love infinitely project mean to you?”  At first it is hard for me to answer this question because about a million things flood my mind.  I love helping others. I love putting a smile on a strangers face. I feel for people who I have never met.  I love animals, even those creepy little fur balls whose name I can’t even speak without getting scared.  I feel I have been blessed with this amazing life and it would be unspeakable not to share my blessings with others.

Well, since I am slightly obsessed with creating charts to explain things to myself, I figured I would take that idea and create an acrostic poem for Love Infinitely.


L ove
O utreach
V olunteer
E ducating others

I nspire
N eed
F riends
I magine
N atural talents
I nstincts
T ogether
E mpower
L eaders
Y our decisions


What does the love infinitely project mean to you? Share your thoughts in the comments section; we would love to see what you think!


Be the change.

Rachel (@rachelbraman)


Rachel Braman

Rachel Braman

Rachel is a twenty-something law student from Upstate New York who was born with the desire to help others. After receiving a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and an Associate’s degree in Paralegal Studies, Rachel headed off to law school in order to provide herself with the ability to help others in a way that they cannot help themselves. Whether she is acting out her position as Project Director of Albany Law School’s Anti-Human Trafficking Pro Bono Project or simply listening to someone’s story, her heart is open.  When she is not at school studying about the rules of evidence or the rights of the child, she enjoys going camping with her fiancé Brennan and rambunctious Yorkie, Chip.

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