What Love Infinitely looks like…


The last few weeks we ran a photo contest via our FB, Twitter and Instagram: to let people show us what love infinitely looks like to them. We received so many beautiful entries from all over the world! We even received a drawing! It certainly was a tough choice to chose the winners. The judges were not unanimous but we are finally ready to reveal our three winners!

Our 1st winner is Ashley and her pup who sent us her picture via Instagram.

This is what Love Infinitely looks like to winner Megan and her best friend!

Sierra sent her beautiful entry to us via Twitter.

Congratulations to our three winners and thank you to EVERYONE who submitted!

We will also be starting an ongoing photo campaign very soon using our Love Infinitely logo.

But, this contest got us talking about what Love Infinitely looks like to us. So here are some of our photos:


“What Love Infinitely looks like to me would definitely be my girls. No words can express a mothers love, but Love Infinitely would be as close as it gets!”


“The relationship between me & my sister. No matter the years between us, I’ll always be your best friend.”


“To me, my family is the epitome of Love Infinitely and my biggest inspirations. I do what I do because of them. This is my favorite picture from my brother’s wedding almost 1 year ago, giving our dad a big ‘ol kiss!”


“This night defined Love Infinitely (and pure bliss) for me. At the opening of Cafe Gratitude LA, accompanied by my closest family and friends (my brother Ricky and LIP founder Brenda), I finally met one of my biggest heroes, Tristan Prettyman, who turned out to be even warmer and more inspirational than I could’ve imagined.”

The Love Infinitely Project members are all examples of what loving infinitely looks like to me as well. Everything we do and the love all of YOU send us…


We’d love to get more photos from you and give away more stuff! Send us your pictures at: info@loveinfinitely.org, tag us on Facebook, on Twitter or Instagram.



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The Love Infinitely Project is a movement to to spread love by encouraging people use their natural talents to give back. Support this 501 c3 non-profit by making a donation or by shopping at the Love Infinitely Shop. ♥∞

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