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This is a tough one.  How do we really help orphaned children here and around the world?  Spending time with these beautiful babies, it makes no sense to me at all how they don’t each have loving families.  I wish I could just take them all home!  But since I can’t and we have to start somewhere, there was one particular area I would like to focus on and help.  Nutrition.

The food they receive every day is pretty basic.  Clear soup, rice and sometimes fried veggies.  For snack I only ever saw them have cookies with frosting on them and sugary sweets.  One of my little boys, had his baby teeth already rotted away.  I’m not sure how in a country that is so bountiful in delicious fruits, they didn’t have any for the babies here.  Or FRESH veggies for that matter.  Obviously, I wasn’t with them all day, every day for every meal but what I (and the other volunteers) saw was clear, these growing children need a more nutritious diet.

So what do we do?  Though I left a donation for the children’s home, I want to set aside a special account just to get fruits and veggies into the bellies of these kids.  Set a certain percentage of all Love Infinitely Project donations to go into this special fund.  Perhaps set this up as a yearly donation.  Then we can follow up in person.  I’ve heard this is the case in many other orphanages throughout Thailand and other countries as well.  I’d love to visit and send you all out to see what can be done about this at orphanages around the world.

If we can’t adopt every child, the least we can do is make sure they grow up to be healthy and strong.

Like I said, we have to start somewhere.



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